What Happened When 3 Sets Of Identical Triplets All Took Ancestry DNA Test Kits

What Happened When 3 Sets Of Identical Triplets All Took Ancestry DNA Test Kits

Millions of people are buying home DNA tests, which offer to unlock the secrets of your ancestry for a fee. So Inside Edition wanted to see what the results look like for identical sisters who took the test. We tested a set of identical quadruplets and three sets of identical triplets to see what the results would reveal.



  1. What happens if one of them is wanted by the police?

  2. Camilla Li says:

    I am watching inside edition what do you mean?

  3. Nah, you troll me? fullshit

  4. abaneyone says:

    Worse click bate ever!

  5. CamBam says:

    I now hate Inside Edition!

  6. Wait, they found them?!?!

  7. i only have a phone and i watch this channel to get news and hear whats up and this is what i get

  8. Swampy Rat says:

    This is basically click bait I was only here to see the results. Disliked

  9. Justin says:

    Damn I played myself

  10. Carl says:

    Watches Screen " Okay" Video ends Me: F u c k t h I s

  11. I had a 23andMe add before this..

  12. To everyone who watched this video CONGRATULATIONS YOU PLAYED YOURSELF

  13. Inside edition you make no sense you put what happened in the title but yet you don't tell us what happened I wasted 59 seconds of my life to come watch this video I appreciate it so much inside edition!

  14. Report the video for spam!

  15. Az786 Mo says:

    So wheres the link to the rest of it??

  16. LOL when the top comment has more likes than the video! ?

  17. Corrosive says:

    I expected one of them to be adopted

  18. timothyzc says:

    Wow, Got a 6 for a 9

  19. Am I right who does that if they weren't going to tell us why bid post the video

  20. biggest waste of time.

  21. J. P. says:


  22. Diego Cab. says:

    Okay …………..where's the results ?WHERE!?

  23. Fkd Nhsd says:

    That was the most stupid cliffhanger ever

  24. Anyone know what the answer is?

  25. This is pure ClickBate…..smh

  26. If there is anything I liked it was how smooth the dislike button worked.

  27. I'm adopted and I've always wanted to know. I'm going to buy one soon

  28. Well this was a pointless video ?

  29. Is probably going to reveal a scam with these companies
    Tries to "scam" us into watching their show
    Seriously brah?

  30. ninesune says:


  31. Butter says:

    EVERYONE REPORT VID FOR CLICK BAIT. get this taken down it wasted my minute.. no one waists my minute.

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