WHERE DO I COME FROM?! Revealing the results of my Ancestry DNA test on camera for the first time.

Comment below if you were right in what you guessed!

*To confirm, only I did the DNA test and not my sister, Jasmine*

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  1. Thanks for all the comments guys – keep 'em coming! JUST TO CONFIRM, I do now know that siblings do not necessarily have the same DNA :). Thanks to everyone who loved to make that clear to me, haha. Sorry for getting it wrong here. =]

  2. Meli Midla says:

    This might come as a shock but Melanesians, particularly the Aboriginals of Australia, are of direct Indian lineage. Fijians sprouted from these people, intermixing with the Lapita Polynesian people who later settled the east of the Pacific

  3. I am 100% native pure ancient Indian in my DNA. Cool though!

  4. cometoeter says:

    as a historian who studied south asian people i can say you are not indian ,you are Pakistani ,grewals are jatts and had 56 villages in layyalpur/faisalabad before partition and moved to india afterward, regions can't be change so don'y tell me pakistan ws india .no it was not punjab was always punjab not india

  5. You have a half English half Samoan in your family tree ,along with a random stan! Cheers

  6. Haleem AH says:

    The Melanesians obviously migrated through India tens of thousands of years ago and are probably very closely related to present day Sound Indians.

  7. Check out my results! It's so fun when you find out your results

  8. Mausa Siau says:

    You could have summarized it in 60secs.

  9. JT STAR says:

    How can you be 100% Indian? The origins of humans certainly didn’t start in India.

  10. All indian-Pakistanis have 2 to 4% Polynesian genes. The reason being that the settlers of Polynesian islands passed through indian subcontinent. Some stayed on here. As the hindu civilisation extended all over Indian subcontinent to Afghanistan and parts of Central Asia so some central asian genes is always found.

  11. Kirk Prior says:

    Abos walked out of Africa and a direct descendant of them. So you have African dna. Central Asians walked out of Africa and are a direct descendant of the first man. But interesting

  12. Melanesian is not even homo sapien proper hahahaha

  13. I did stop the video to guess your DNA, I am guessing you have brithish, French, maybe Dutch, Middle eastern but majority of your DNA is Indian and British lineage. Hope I get it right!

  14. Cypher says:

    Indigenous Malenesian & Fiji have South Asian ancestry & not the other way round. Either way it is literally same, but migration happened from India to Malaysia & Indonesia & then Australia (aboriginals)

  15. Well India and Australia were a massive continent called Gondwana so its understandable why we could share some DNA with Pacific Islander and Aboriginal people

  16. I stop the video when you saed your indian 100○/○ man your color is whit I dont your indian

  17. Robert Lee says:

    Lollll people need to understand that these tests are not good for South Asians because they don’t give details on south Asian ethnicities. India has 100s of different backgrounds, a Tamil isn’t the same as a Punjabi a Kashmiri isn’t the same as a person from Assam, but they will throw all brown people into “South Asia” India has as many backgrounds as Africa. Also this man is a Grewal, which are either Indi Aryans or Indo Scythian, but these tests don’t go that deep, the real ethnic Indians are Dravidians, from South India, North Indians and Pakistanis have been mixed because of constant invasions, present day Pakistan and Punjab were the gateway to India.

  18. Your sister look Indian , You look more Afghan

  19. qcvxkjn - says:

    I got 13% South Asian but it was broadly so I’m wondering if anyone gets a specific country

  20. I think might see a bit variation

  21. Sumer Rana says:

    Central Asian,
    You got genes from Mughals

  22. Obviously u would have central Asian genes. We jatts migrated to india from central Asia and probably mixed in with the natives.

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