Warren Releases DNA Test, Controversy Continues

Warren Releases DNA Test, Controversy Continues

Senator Elizabeth Warren called President Trump’s bluff Monday, revealing the results of a DNA test that shows the Senator does have Native American heritage. Trump has long made claims that Warren does not have Native American DNA, often calling her Pocahontas at his rallies. At one rally Trump said he would donate $1 million to the charity of Warren’s choice if she could prove Native American ancestry. For analysis, RT America’s Scottie Nell Hughes is joined by former Georgia State representative, Ladawn Jones and Ted Harvey from the Committee to Defend the President.

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  1. Hi There says:

    Yes, thank you Hilary Clinton for the death of Senator Stevens. Her actions in Libya got Senator Stevens kill… Or did we all forgotten about him…
    The Clintons are a bunch of Frauds, rapists and murderers. If you are stupid to be grateful for the Clintons, that is your own right.

  2. Official Don says:

    White people are always claiming native american blood. Why? To make up for the fact they stole their land and killed them?

  3. Artie Hill says:

    All the left are corrupt!

  4. Gall Clap says:

    Being a senator is one thing, losing your mind is another!!!!

  5. Patrick James says:

    What controversy?

  6. Gabe Kis says:


  7. Dovahkriid says:

    I'm 1% Jew

    Give me Holocaust reparations

  8. Quiqley Bellweather says:

    Wait until her hippie pics surface oh yes. They are out there!

  9. anthony summers says:

    Except that Obama was actually born in Kenya!!

  10. John Beardsley says:

    Warren Disgusting, but typical for a politician, with a psychopathic personality, to claim NA ancestry to get ahead of the more qualified pack to get into Harvard. She's a goddam LIAR "

  11. Daniel Gyllenbreider says:

    Kindergarten. FFS. OMG. CRINGE!

  12. Lacedra Minor says:

    Majority of white Americans not native facts how y'all kill people take land and still mistreating them til this day and trying to claim y'all native stop ? I'm not democratic at all I'm conservative!!! Majority of Black people not native either some are due to the fact some native tribes owned African slaves and had sex with them… It makes me mad to see so many white people trying to claim native but won't give these people they land back I can say so much More ??? I'm a black woman and proud yes I have some European DNA due to rape of slaves SMH SAD!!! But I don't claim it nor do I care I'm La'cedra and I'm black?

  13. silvercountry says:

    How dare Warren to disrespect the Cherokee People claiming to be one and make a mockery of the affirmative action school enrollment process.

  14. Namalthus says:

    kudoo to senator Warren to bring attention to native american? wow…at which point a spin is undesirable…it was never her goal…she did this for her, not them…

  15. Pancho Barraza says:

    Elizabeth "old turtle" Warren

  16. 23640631 says:

    @ Sen.Elizabeth Warren is no native Indian and is just giving her opposing views. Years ago she claim being Indian to get public support or native Indians to vote for her.

  17. Larry Sherk says:

    Trump usually makes situations worse by his impetuous name calling. But Warren started this tempest in a teapot with nothing at all. When DNA results say 1.6 %, what do you suppose the uncertainties in that number are? And even if blood were a valid indicator, what indigenous nation is going to enroll someone that far out of the loop? Warren and Trump seem to be playing stupid games on about the same level. Not impressed!

  18. Blakefor88 says:

    Rt has officially become mainstream news bullshit. This is basically a CNN, Msnbc & Fox News interview.

  19. Aurelio Almada says:

    Phony baloney show. Warren should be admonished from runnig for president and trump should be impeached. Both guests are backing the wrong horses here

  20. Gene schmunk says:

    Thanks to her we can now all call ourselves indians …every last white dude …even the cherokees are pissed …how about some honest reporting …the kind we always trash fox for not showing?

  21. Shawn D says:

    This useless lying twat is a half step away from being a a helmet head window licker!! Lying piece of shit!

  22. One Little Indian says:

    The Clintons are filthy rich,, those assholes don't need to make more money!
    Scum bags,,

  23. Mike Owens says:

    stupid people

  24. J C Nel says:

    Trump is really good at stoping america from talking about its Issues.

  25. Barry Smith says:

    and trump baits another self-absorbed lying leftist, they call him stupid while he outsmarts them at every turn …

  26. Amunah YAHUDAH BatYAH says:

    she might be right if the first natives were from Europe…. hmm https://youtu.be/i6CGMCZpbqk

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