UNEXPECTED DNA REVEAL!!! ? | Ancestry DNA Results & Review ?

UNEXPECTED DNA REVEAL!!! ? | Ancestry DNA Results & Review ?

I always get asked where am I from? Well after taking a DNA test from Ancestry.com I finally know!!! ?

Comment below your guess BEFORE I reveal where I’m from. NO CHEATING!!! Let’s see how many of you got it right! ?

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  1. Like if you wanna see a 23andme version. Thanks guys x

  2. mariabulan says:

    You can have some european blood and not look like you're of mixed race. I had a classmate who was a fourth spanish, his grandfather was a spaniard but he looked totally native. The only thing that set him apart from other 'pure' Filipinos and revealed his european ancestry is his size. What can we say – maybe his asian/filipino blood is the dominant one or something like that. So unless he takes a dna test we'd never know how much iberian or foreign dna he has.

  3. So do you have DNA from Guam? Are you Guamanian?

  4. S Kirki says:


    your mom might be telling the truth.
    ancestry dna and others like it take samples of ppl who are domiciled to certain locations.

    aboriginal australians and other islanders have african roots.
    just as the ainu of japan.

  5. Good Vibes says:

    Please let us know your new results due to ancestrydna update

  6. Svan C says:

    You only get 50 percent of your DNA from you mom. I bet your great grandfather truly had some Iberian in him, but you just didnโ€™t inherit that gene.

  7. Knowing your ancestry based on your DNA alone doesn't prove that your mother back story is a lie. Your mother might have inherited 50% of her fathers DNA and 50% from her mother. Therefore, as her biological daughter you might inherit 50% from your father and 50% from her. It would be best that your mother take the same ancestryDNA test, to prove her story is not a lie.

    Watch this video 'til the end to help you understand more.

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZR_vMU8db8

  8. Ku Kaii says:

    Great vid I'm Maori Hawaiian I did my ancestry and found I have steppes blood central Asian, east European, Caucasus,Finland and native American ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. You are Philipina British. Interesting??

  10. I was surprised myself. I took the 23andMe test. My mom said we had ancestors who were Spanish. A cousin said my 2x grandfather was Spanish mestizo because it was written in vital records. Another cousin said we had Chinese and in us because our grand motherโ€™s maiden name was a filipinized name of a Chinese name.
    According to my results I have southeast Asian, Chinese, and northwestern European in me.
    Many of my cousin matches on 23andMe also have european ancestry. So the test didnโ€™t prove our Spanish ancestry. But then again not all dna markers are passed down from parent to child. Brothers could get slightly different results because of this. So over time each generation loses more and more of an ancestors dna markers.

    The problem with Filipino dna is who is a full blooded Filipino genetically speaking. The Philippines is the crossroads of Asia with mixing coming in from India over a thousand years ago and other ethnicities coming in and mixing ever since. Is it possible to find a real full blooded Filipino from which to base dna results on? Would that be an igorot?
    Interesting note, the Philippines could be the ancestral home of Polynesians according to research done from skeletal remains in Vanuatu. So rather than Filipinos having Polynesian blood itโ€™s more like Polynesians have Filipino blood.

  11. Wrong the original inhabitants of the Philippines were of African descent check the history

  12. Few filipino mistizo is part Spanish..Spanish who marry Filipina during Spanish time and during that time when you marry Spanish you become rich because you get a land o hacienda that's why most mistizo Spanish in the philippines are rich but austronician they call them indio

  13. Fiona Bell says:

    You do have the strong clear features of Tonga, but you are what you are a beautiful person.

  14. Mestizo is a mix raced person of Native American and European (specifically, Spanish), which I am as I'm Mexican, which is common in only Latin America. Just because Native American didn't show up on your results doesn't mean you didn't have an American ancestor. DNA can actually skip generations. The only way to make sure you really DO have American ancestors is do your genealogy or have your mother take a DNA test. Did your mother tell you specifically where your Mestizo great-grandfather was from? I'm kinda guessing Mexican as I've heard some Mexicans moved to the Phillipines during the 1800s for different reasons AND there are Filipino Mexicans (I grew up with quite a few who's ancestors moved from the Phillipines to Mexico decades ago). You don't look 100% Filipino or Polynesian, you definitely look like the Indigenous people here in America AKA Native American. Proud P'urhepecha Native here!โœŠ?

  15. Be glad you have no African in you…ย  Be proud of what you are, because you are what you are!

  16. TMB247 says:

    My first guess for you was Filipino (My Ex was Filipino and so you look very familiar)

  17. Mum Blic says:

    My first guess was Polynesian!

  18. ??? you lying! You have never gotten black? horrible??

  19. From The Phillipines is my guess with European mixed in.

  20. ubb4me says:

    Why would it be nice if your kids were ethnically more diverse than you? They naturally will be unless you have kids with a member of your immediate family. I just find that statement to be sad. Im not Filipino but, what's wrong with pure Filipino kids?

  21. Because a particular DNA didnโ€™t make its way to you doesnโ€™t mean that your mum lied ? aaaand I picked it, Filipina ?

  22. Kekeliz says:

    Sometimes if itโ€™s a small percent in ur bloodline when it gets to u it wonโ€™t show up doesnโ€™t mean itโ€™s not true so you might wanna look at ur matches on there and build ur family tree I found out I was Hawaiian didnโ€™t know that so I have figure out the puzzle

  23. Lol I donโ€™t know why youโ€™re disappointed?
    But I guessed your background was from the Philippines as soon as I saw you.

  24. ColesR205 says:

    Your ethnicity is not your race it's your colonized title from European colonialism we are all of one race of people copper colored.

  25. Your clearly from the UK!

  26. This bitch claimed sheโ€™s oriental…lol. What part of you is oriental? get the fuck outta here.

  27. You mixed Bc ur mom is international whore.

  28. The original filipinos are NEGRITOS. Everyone else is mixed. ?

  29. Minnie G says:

    Let me give you some advice. Upload your DNA results from Ancestry to GEdmatch.com It is free and you will get more accurate results. it isn't difficult to do. I see a lot of people complaining that the Ancestry tests show NO Native American ancestry or other ethnicity that they are sure is there. Well, upload to GEDmatch and you might get a surprise. Don't take my word for it. Check into it.

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