1. Don't be racist dude, your hair is great! Get some peace…

  2. U are so ignorant it's ridiculous keep claiming jew,or translucent but I look at u and see a minority black stay New no African American want u

  3. ABI XRUBY says:

    You should be proud of your lions main

  4. Since you're 49% African both of your parents have African in them, or one is one (non-African) and the other is (African) who passes for a race other than African. Most bi-racial children 49% one race and 51% another race. Embrace your heritage. I hope you have been able to get answers from your parents since being 49% African bothers you so much,

  5. Easy..you have white blood on both sides..you came out white..your brother could get the dark genes from both sides and look black. THATS THE WAY IT GOES WITH MULLATOS.

  6. Kylie says:

    I'm dying!  So damn funny!

  7. Shesus L says:

    Pause !! JEW FRO? Hit the books buddy ! Only ppl on earth with coiled hair is BLACK PEOPLE ! Soooooo with that being said anyone who phenotypically doesn’t look like they are “”black “ obviously has some mixed blood. Which would result in curly hair or what you would call combination hair. Jewish people are Semites please look up the history.

  8. mindful says:

    Not even the bbc to show for! Poor thing!! ??

  9. YOUR SO FUNNY BROTHER?????????????????????????????

  10. Allison S says:

    Studies are showing that many Arican Americans/Arican. People have jew blood in their blood. Maybe that's where the jewish comes from…?

  11. Very good comedic relief lmao! only drop is at the top of my head.

  12. I'm proud to be a Jew and you should be just as proud to be African

  13. You a good looking dude. I could hook your hair up. If you don't like the afro, all we have to do is put a texturized in their and do a nice low cut fade.

  14. This is too h alarious.

  15. Marc E says:

    i know this is your attempt to go viral and its a wig, but i saw a video if a girl was very european looking, but the hair was type 4 and she had 45% african ancestry

  16. TADufine says:

    Balding Jew with a wig !funny

  17. Nope your black we come in all skin colors and hair textures. If you don't like texture keep it short works for my nephew. You can't run from yourself.

  18. Rachel W. says:

    Put a perm on it!

  19. ?????????, So hilarious ????????

  20. LOL… You are too funny…. I'm not even 49% not alone 3% African-American… At least based on my DNA test… You do however, bring life to taking the DNA results.. Put a bit more bend in your fro to make it believable handsome… lol!

  21. Alicia c says:

    lol I like Jewish boys

  22. Enjoyed watching your video <3

    I make videos too, let me know what you think!

  23. dattajack says:

    Jew life matters!

  24. LMFAO!!! You know that's a damn wig… Lol.. And they can never narrow it down to a tribe with just a basic DNA test.. But this was funny as shit! Lol

  25. White boy do you think your fucking funny on any level you white devil?


  27. Chavezoid says:


  28. why you crying black man

  29. yeah it is funny as hell …. just get a haircut from a brotha

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