1. Music says:

    Your grandmother could be related to me Mine= 100 % Europe- 50 % West Europe, 20 % West Europe, 16 % Ireland, 6 % Iberian Peninsula, 5 % Scandinavia, 2 % Italy-Greece, 1% Finland, North West Russia 🙂 here are my maternal surname's- Ketner, Hardy, Tisdale, Love, Allen, Collier , Lunenburg county, Virginia graveyards

  2. This kid is pretty entertaining.

  3. Never mind says:

    What a wonderful young man you are for doing that for your grandma!

  4. Tskcs10 says:

    interesting!! I hope you do a part 2!! you were so sweet to do this for your grandma. did she have any idea or info about her biological family?

  5. JOT says:

    Where’s that pt2 tho

  6. Ta ha says:

    Which state are you from?

  7. ThT is soooo coool…. I am curious about what she find out.

  8. Brennan this is so cool. I think it is partly because of being adopted my self. Please do a part two

  9. Ta ha says:

    Why does the title say "adopted grandma"?

  10. Ta ha says:

    6:59 He looks like your dad!

  11. Ta ha says:

    Somehow you look like an inbred product…

  12. rhap says:

    Very thoughtful of you!!

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