Hey everyone I hope you enjoyed watching this Ancestry DNA & 23 And Me DNA results/ comparison video. As you can see we are extremely happy with our results. I’m sure i made some geographical errors while speaking throughout this video when mentioning certain cultures and their locations, and if i did please forgive me it was not intentional.

Disclaimer we are not sponsored by either of the two companies mentioned in the video**

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  1. dongoggine says:

    He reminds me of another Louisiana guy, Don Lemon.

  2. Keen Rays says:

    Your Girlfriend should do the Ancestry DNA Test Results to see the difference?

  3. Keen Rays says:

    You very very right, my friend, DNA Test was around 10 to even 20 years ago but back then it was very very expensive at that time for sure.

  4. 405 BOY says:

    I did mine through Ancestry DNA and I liked it. My results came back in 5 weeks actually.

  5. Saju Ahmed says:

    Hi if you upload your data to GedMatch or Harrapa world it will break down your south asian genetics alot more

  6. koobie83 says:

    Wow I would never have guessed Bangladesh. Amazing.

  7. My mother is Creole, my mom is 48%/African; 2%indian and Asian, and rest European.(Germany,Irish, Spain. Etc.)

  8. IntroVlog says:

    I was born in South Africa and everyone in my family is black it was a little cool that I was also Asian and Native American

  9. I did AncestryDNA. I’m 65% African, 15% Asian, 11% European, 7% Native American, 1% Polynesian and 1% Melanesian. My parents are from Belize, Central America.

  10. MarleeKari says:

    How far from Louisiana you? As in state?

  11. Andrea B says:

    Take a breath and let her speak, dang!

  12. Damn to the guy, we could be related! That map on your results is exactly where I was born.

  13. The CIA and eugenics keep your dna. For the day when the want to cull the world. They will have dna specific targeted vaccines to wipe us all out

  14. In the thumbnail you guys look like domo and chrissy

  15. Kimberly H says:

    Both 23 & Ancestry have a huge relatives database. I have over 1000 matches on both sites… If you haven't found them, you haven't found all the great stuff these sites offer.

  16. A lot of African-Americans did mix with Native Americans. Some were runaway slaves who were taken in by a Native American nation. Others by other means and just nature takes it course. Myself, I have less than 1 percent African-American and Cherokee. But it is there.

  17. Wow! What a good looking couple. You would have beautiful children.

  18. hey my friend not because you have Irish surname you are going to have something of Irish remember that you are African and the Africans were slaves in the United States and in other countries where slavery existed the blacks adopted the names of their bosses bosses when they were slaves to differentiate them of which house they came from, do not take it badly my comment please the only ones who adopted surnames were the blacks the natives never adopted surnames because they were not slaves of the Europeans

  19. tahira1 says:

    Two very beautiful people:) The Yoruba in Nigeria look like Debbie and I am Jamaican and she could be a sister to me. People speak to me in Portuguese, Spanish, Amharic(Ethiopian), Somalian, Hindi, Arabic and Yoruba. I have an international look and so do the both of you. I identify as black.

  20. Hilary _ says:

    What in the Barack Obama is going on?

  21. Tice Rippy says:

    Clean hat and nice shirt

  22. She looks like a mixture of Native American and East Asian and I knew she couldn't be African because she is to polite, sweet and soft spoken, unlike black women.

  23. Stayls says:

    Not to be rude but you could pass for Jamaican and Nigerian. My hubby is Jamaican/Chinese.

  24. 23andme also has cousin matching, I have done this test & think Ancestry is cool, but the 23andme has the health which is awesome as well as the timeline to show where your Native American may have entered your line, I would defo do 23andme as well! Ancestry is very good for building your tree & contacting cousins – both rock! ❤️???

  25. j st says:

    What you heard about Native Americans is true.We(Native Americans) come from the Mongolia area…HEAVY DNA matches to the area.Which makes scence.Natives are not African.

  26. Dat's wassup. My paternal side grandparents are from Louisiana.

  27. At first glance i thought the dude was Trini or Guyanese so I was expecting a high South Asian percentage lol

  28. Upload your raw DNA to Wegene! They break it down into ethnic groups or tribes.

  29. G Wark says:

    Commenting before results were revealed: The pretty girl? NO idea. Its difficult to tell with how ladies wear fake hair these days. Her hair looks real to me, but I'm notoriously bad at identifying. SO! Onto the guy. Kenyan-area and then English mostly. I cant wait to see the results!

  30. You really do favor Barack alot, which is an honor in my opinion. Plus, in your African results, I was thinking that you could've been majority Ethiopian. Other than that, this is an awesome video and I will be doing mines in the near future! ????

  31. I guessed almost accurately, I thought she was from India and I thought he was mixed with black and something else.

  32. Thank you for sharing
    Yes Louisiana genes are very strong.

  33. You sound so articulate until you keep saying "Mines" all the time. Using mines all the time makes you sound illiterate I'm just saying

  34. He talked soooooo much smh lol

  35. Hello everyone!

    We're glad to see that this video has resonated with so many of you. It means a lot knowing that there are others out there who have the same interest as us in reference to finding out more about your ethnic background. 

    Also, I know a few of the commenters have mentioned that 23&Me does allow for you to make family connections, it seems we were originally mistaken and stated otherwise during the video. We apologize!

  36. What is unassigned. Can it not be explained. ?

  37. mashadasha says:

    The girl doesn't look Hispanic… she looks exactly what she got- south Asian.. india, Pakistan, bangledash etc. She actually looks Caribbean…. And the guy doesn't look Hispanic either, I would have guessed full Caribbean
    for him. somewhere in Africa, south Asian and a bit of Europe.

  38. My dad is from Louisiana❤️

  39. I instantly knew she was either from India or Bangladesh

  40. P C says:

    By way 1% is very low so you have little native American in you.

  41. P C says:

    Cool I have 2.3% African aqnd I am an Ashkenazi Jew lol.

  42. Teedy says:


  43. Lil Cashee says:

    Y’all look alike I thought that was your mom or sister

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