palmer skatepark session, revealing my dna test results, street skating.

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  1. Rey Jay says:

    50% native American
    And others I dont remember

  2. AnthonyX says:

    Brett is in Living with Bobby

  3. Jackie Chu says:

    I thought he was Hispanic

  4. dvrkseas says:

    You need to bank off the Native American blood

  5. tahi loza says:

    I'm 2% percent African 50%native american 30% Spain and that's it I think

  6. Im also related to u no joke dead ass

  7. Thats the pump up kicks merch

  8. Im Asian and it said I’m Black????

  9. You're Polynesian!!!wassup I'm full Polynesian bro!

  10. Chris since your Asian do you eat and cook dog and is it good?????????

  11. Will Zalez says:

    Yeah was going to guess hispanic and asian.

  12. I did guessed what you where until your results. You look very Triracial, mixed with White, Black, and Asian. First, you looked Asian mixed with White, and 2nd, you looked less than one quarter Black. Your facial features such as your broad nose, nearly far apart eyes, thick lips, and eyebrows shows Sub-Saharan African admixtures in you. The East-Asian part of you is mainly your skull shape, body, eyes, ears, etc. Mostly, your less than one quarter Sub-Saharan African, and mostly East-Asian, and West-Eurasian(Caucasian), making you Triracial. You do in fact have admixture of both West-Eurasian(Caucasian), East-Asian, and Sub-Saharan African. I first guessed your some what Puerto Rican, do to your Triracial admixed features. You do have 4% Iberian(Portuguese/Spaniard) heritage, so you I pretty much guessed your mother is Puerto Rican, having these Admixtures such as 17% Sub-Saharan African, and 4% Sub-Saharan African.

  13. Subscribed because we are related hhhh.

  14. Colt Lange says:

    Cmon guys he shouldn’t have to prove himself… I haven’t even read hurtle hystoria yet!… but I’m now inspired

  15. 4% African ?? im from Africa, South Africa to be more specific?

  16. You have to be 25% or higher to be full native American

  17. Wow else yawned when Chris did.?

  18. Gunner says:

    Are you black?

  19. Marady Mon says:

    He looks white mixed with an Asian twist of Cambodian & Chinese

  20. You looks half Asian and half White to me. All Eurasian folks looks kinda like you!

  21. Leregon says:

    I guessed that you would be at least 50% Asian so I got that wrong but I'm from Greece so hey 4% heck yeah I'll take it

  22. NG ! says:

    Why do a lot of people have Spanish blood like wtf.

  23. I bet that 1% Great Britain means that we are brothers

  24. soop says:


  25. Chris you make me sad sometimes… ibérian Peninsula is not Spain… is Spain and Portugal.. I'm from Portugal and I love you.. please just don't make the same mistake

  26. Ethan Fong says:

    I guessed all his ethnicities except Spanish

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