Puerto Rican Takes A DNA Test (My SHOCKING Ancestry DNA Results!)

Puerto Rican Takes A DNA Test (My SHOCKING Ancestry DNA Results!)

Puerto Rican Takes A DNA Test (My SHOCKING Ancestry DNA Results!) | Let’s just say my DNA test results were unexpected haha…

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  1. You are a cute person.

  2. Africans didn’t help! They were enslaved

  3. J VN says:

    This is really simple folks. If you have family that has been in Latin American/The Carribean for generations and generations chances are you are either almost totally Native or Meztizo or half Spanish and Native, or you have a mix with African. You can also just be entirely of Spanish extraction. But what is in that Spanish DNA that would show up? How about some of the following that makes up Spaniards. So that would be Native Iberian tribes, Celtic, Viking, Visigoth, Carthaginian, Phoenician, Roman, Greek, Berber, Arab, North African, Gypsy, Sephardic Jew, Persian, a possibility some Asian. So that is just the probabilities of your Spanish makeup. So this would be in your DNA, or a portion if you have Spanish ancestry. It does not mean…Cool I am Roman and Greek so I must be from Italy and Greece..ah no this is probably from your Spanish heritage and the people that conquered those lands! This would hold true for North African..hello the Moors in Spain. I am done. I just wish people could understand how simple this truly is. Let us not complicate it. Remember this goes back like 1000 years. On top of that a caviat here would be if there was the recent migration to one of these countries. So if someone from Ireland immigrated the last 100-200 years, you heard this in your family chit-chats, chances are you would see some Irish ancestry, make sense?.But make sure you listen to family stories as well. This helps in piecing it all together.If you know your family has been in PR for the last 400-500 years, they possibly did not have recent migration from outling areas. It is not always fool proof, but chances if you never have heard anything, chances are there was nothing recent.

  4. I knew right away you were Taino and white. Taino people look a little different from the typical indigenous people from other American countries. That's why Puerto Ricans are mistakenly seen as having more African blood than indigenous.

  5. You like Filipina lol

  6. Im native American and dont get me wrong but…..sometimes I think it's funny how people think tainos are gone. Puerto Ricans are 11-40 percent on average Arawak taino native American. They are Hispanic with taino blood. It's facts you mestizos embrace your arawak blood. Tainos still exist they come from Colombia today and many south american countries….

  7. Also the tainos are literally Wayuus who migrated to Puerto Rico some of you BORIQUAS are to slow tho.

  8. cheap glue says:

    And you are ? por cent beautiful.

  9. How dare you to say he "discovered" P.R. ?!
    he didn't discover shit ><

  10. This is my cousin, and i've just ordered a DNA test so now I'm very curious ?

  11. ancestry dna says italy/greece and a test with 23andme would say you got even more iberian that in that test instead of italian, in spain we got british in many tests of that site you take, that s why

  12. Yew guys don't talk about loiza why. I know why

  13. You Blanco. Plus you can't go to loiza
    Because over there you are considered Blanco.

  14. definitivamente en Puerto Rico sobrevivio bien el taino esta joven tiene alto % Taino

  15. When she says, " Brought along Black people to help" what she really means is enslaved.

  16. Id this would be close to my results too. I know my fathers mom n dads side real well.
    The only question is my moms side. Im glad to be Taina.

  17. Am I the only one who doesn’t consider Spaniards white?…

  18. zea says:

    Afro puertoriquena right here ???

  19. Many immigrants to Puerto Rico were from Ireland, Scotland, Corsica, France, and Germany. Those came in the 19th century. Of course most came from Spain (specially the Canary Islands) and Africa, but the Irish part is not rare in PR. Now, you have 21% Taino, which is significant. A lot of people in PR have some % of Taino in them, but you sure have a lot. We are all citizens of the world anyway! Enjoy the knowledge!

  20. Girl you need to redo your research …

  21. "I think im mostly african." "Spaniards brought Africans to help."

    Um I can tell right off the bat you have very very little black in you. And no, the Africans didn't help. They're were kidnapped and enslaved by our Spaniard ancestors, then later raped and forced into marriages. Read a 6th grade history book.

  22. There is no such thing as native Caribbean American Puerto Rico is not part of the Americas

  23. Kala says:

    not all P.Rican have african ancestery.

  24. Kala says:

    Is not Taino is Arawak.

  25. Caribbean American?!?! WTF?!?!

  26. Christopher Columbus discovered PR as much as I discovered Walmart yesterday. The Taino population was about half a million when he arrived. 30 years later they were almost extinguished.

  27. Hey, do you a big round African butt ?

  28. Very beautiful! I'd guess you were mostly Native but I definitely see the Greek as well

  29. You're all mixed up girl!

  30. moon glow says:

    I am a HungaryRican!!! My mom, Hungarian, my dad Puerto Rican. Your video has inspired me to get tested. Not so much interested in my mom's side. I mostly want to know the mixture from dad. Sorry, you're a very pretty young lady and smart too; however you do look Latina….

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