MY DNA Results(IRAQI), ancestry DNA, familytreedna, DNALAND, Gedmatch, myheritage, WEGENE RESULTS

MY DNA Results(IRAQI), ancestry DNA, familytreedna, DNALAND, Gedmatch, myheritage, WEGENE RESULTS

My ancestry (1)
عربي :

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West Asia

South Asian
Middle East

North Africa

Ashkenazi Jewish

amin jerjes



  1. 16% south asian ( sindhi) too high bro

  2. Atilla says:

    69% anatolian 😀

  3. jewish migrants it is a displacement agenda you are not native to iraq

  4. Are you tamil (half of the half)?

  5. tiluriso says:

    @ 1:58 = you belong to Y DNA haplogroup I2a2ab, uncommon among Iraqis/West Asians, much more common among Europeans.

  6. Abdul says:

    Cool results. Quite typical for an Iraqi. Your video is very clear and concise.

  7. JARJEES DR says:

    شكرا على متابعة الفيديو… هذا النوع من فحص الحمض النووي يسمى اوتوسومال بمعنى هذا الفحص يشمل جينات الام والاب تقوم به شركات مشهورة
    مثل ancestrydna familytreedna 23andme myheritage…
    هذا الفحص يعطيك نتيجة فقط الي الجد الثامن أو العاشر بمعنى خلال الخمسمائة عام التي مضت تزاوج اجدادي مع أهالي المناطق القوقازية اكثر من الشرق اوسطين ولكن هذا لا يعني انني لست عربي فمن خلال فحص السلالات تبين انني عربي مستعرب..

  8. عاش العراق IRAQ

  9. I thought you are phoenician from North Africa. Okey, but are you Assyrian Christian, Mezopotamian-Arab-Muslim or Yezidi from Iraq? I didn't find it in your video.

  10. J Baron says:

    Luis et al. (2004) found that the male haplogroups in a sample of 147 Egyptians were E1b1b (36.1%, predominantly E-M78), J(32.0%), G (8.8%), T(8.2%), and R (7.5%). E1b1b and its subclades are characteristic of some Afro-Asiatic speakers and are believed to have originated in either the Middle East, North Africa, or the Horn of Africa. Cruciani et al. (2007) suggests that E-M78, E1b1b predominant subclade in Egypt, originated in "Northeastern Africa", which in the study refers specifically to Egypt and Libya[13][14]

  11. Khalid M says:

    Nice results!

    My maternal haplogroup is R0 too 🙂
    Wikipedia says that some Ancient Egpytian mummies showed this subclade!

  12. Awsome video I like Iraqi's nice videos

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