My AncestryDNA results New Zealand

My AncestryDNA results New Zealand

My AncestryDNA results! 🙂

Asia less than1%
Low Confidence Region
Europe 60%
Great Britain 37%
Ireland 15%
Scandinavia 7%
Low Confidence Region
Iberian peninsula less than 1%
Pacific Islander 38%
Polynesia 37%
Low Confidence Region
Melanesia 1%
West Asia less than 1%



  1. DJ Trevi says:

    This is the first video from New Zealand. I was shocked I didn't get much! That was shocking.

  2. I'm Mexican American but my middle name is polynesian

  3. On average you take my DNA makeup from you dad so the results make sense

  4. EJ Ioane says:

    Im confused with my results. I got back 100% polynesian with dna linked to Hawaii, Samoa and Tonga. Why did my result not trace anything to south east or Fiji as stated in your resutts?

  5. Q Wabash says:

    What do full blooded maori look like in your country?

  6. Suzie Blue says:

    Thanks, so glad you got it done.

  7. the captions I had on this video is ridiculous. It said Moldy instead of Maori.

  8. Chur mozzie,Nice Video bro

  9. Hi I am a fellow New Zealander and I have also purchased the DNA kit aswell and after watching this I am really excited to see what I get

  10. Glad you posted its few from Men of New Zealand

  11. Wow you look very Maori for 60% European… Maori must have rather dominant traits

  12. If this is what 60% European looks like I have to be way less Polynesian than my parents claim ??

  13. Sapa Inti says:

    My grandpas darker than you and hes 42% native american 57% european

  14. Damn bro, your accent threw me off, wasn't expecting that at all. Cool vid!

  15. Al F says:

    I really thought I was going to be more than 15% white since my mother’s family have a really amazing light complex. Many of them could pass as Pacific Islander or biracial.
    Benin/Togo 30%
    Africa southeastern Bantu 19%
    Cameroon/Congo 16%
    Mali 7%
    Scandinavia 6%
    Senegal 4%
    Ireland/Scottish/Wales 4%
    Ivory Coast/Ghana 4%
    Nigeria 2%
    Europe east 2%
    Finland/northwest russia 1%
    Melanesia 1%
    Great Britain <1%
    Africa north <1%
    Africa south-central hunters-gatherers <1%
    Europe west <1%

  16. Good video man. You put on weight mate? Haha

  17. WEPS says:

    Awesome bro, this is making me wanting to get a test! I’ll have to make a video too!

  18. DNA is so interesting because your physical features aren't always a perfect indicator of your ancestry. (EDIT: I would have ) expected you to be 60% Maori not European! I got my test done through the Genographic project (National Geographic) and my results came back 46% Southeast Asian/Oceania (My Maori side) and 44% Asia Minor (My Pontian side) and the remainder was 6% Southeastern Europe and 3% West and Central Europe. That leaves 1% of something but for some reason its not showing up in my results. Maybe they don't want me to know I'm 1% alien. xD

  19. KaideThe 8 says:

    Hi Ronnie I’m 30% Maori/Polynesian 22%British 18%Welsh 11%Scandanavian 6%German 3% Italian/Greek 3% North African 1% Finland Northwest Russian 2% Polish and 3%Austrian

  20. You're very handsome Ronnie.

  21. I am looking forward to doing this dna test

  22. Whoa that was buzzy bro! Meeeean results!!!

  23. Cool Kek says:

    Dude, epic results- Thanks for posting them on youtube-
    This is the first Maori results vid I've seen, super interesting
    next on my bucketlist: aboriginal ancestry dna video

  24. Considering that upon conception we receive a random 50 percent of each of our parents dna, it's obvious your Maori ancestors had mixed with Europeans prior your birth, seeing your European dna exceeds 50 percent being at 60.

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