hey guys, my ancestry dna results finally came and i was super surprised!! thanks 4 watching!!!!!!!!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
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  1. Hispanics blacks bless people without Africa you will mixed ignorants white people are laughing at you

  2. You are dropdead gorgeous, a wonderful combination of ethnic diversity. The mixture that is you produced a beautiful example of the Human Race.

  3. Not only r u SO mixed, but Ancestry updated the way they list your results! Instead of doing it the way they originally did it, for example:
    Africa 80%
    European 20%
    They now do it starting off with your high confidence regions, to your low confidence regions. They updated it around September or October of 2017.

  4. Shocked that you have some Irish in you? As a Puerto Rican, this shows how little you know of the island's history. The Spanish king sent Alexander "Alejandro" O'Reilly with troops from the Irish Brigade to clean up the corruption in PR. After doing that, he raided the French in Louisiana and captured New Orleans for Spain. NOLA was later returned to the French and eventually purchased by the Americans.

  5. You & your sister are super cute ,jil

  6. She's beautiful African/European very nice welcome to Africa I can help you find ur tribe lol.

  7. You are 100% naturally beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing your mother's very interesting Journey to the U.S.

  8. S. G. says:

    Southern European is Caucasian

  9. IIll IIll says:

    Your sister isn’t the darkest person there is. Lazy eyes are common in African people?

  10. S Ahmed says:

    You look like a mixed Arab but you are just very mixed!

  11. Respect From the Tikar People Of Bamenda<Cameroon

  12. Fran Benja says:

    You seem hungry up on the last name to determine your ethnicity. You do know the slave owners gave the slaves their last name right? You look like a mixed black girl to me. I'm also confused you originally thought the black percentage was too low, then shocked @ how high it was.

  13. JOT says:

    Yeah I got a lot of low percentages too ?, my most was 24% Great Britain, and I was 56% European, 43% African and 1% Native American

  14. why Puerto Rico sharks don't eat Puertoricans ? ……………..because they are full of Dominicans and Cubans

  15. Why not be proud of your ancestry? And omg the African part that Cameroon has a lot of rich history!!!!!!!!!

  16. Girl when you add it all up you're just as White as you are Black and a little Brown.

  17. Yes you have black people hair. And I can tell you have Black in you

  18. Don't feel bad because you're black

  19. Iberian peninsula is not Puerto Rico it's Spain France Portugal some parts of Morocco and west Italy is Iberian peninsula

  20. Tommy Sotomayor on You tube:
    Mixed race people are not Black!
    Philko also!

  21. ohh cool you have congo in your DNA! so interesting to hear your mix heritage!

  22. Mari E says:

    Have your sister and brother take an ancestry test and compare it to yours.

  23. You sound disappointed, in brace who you are, nothing changes about you as a person.

  24. Lisa Sweet says:

    She is biracial duh saw that a mile away. Your mom side look like Blacks of African and European ancestry.

  25. Sorry girl you are mix.

  26. I really dont understand why she's so shocked by looking at her, it's very obvious she has lots of African DNA. Don't be shocked be PROUD!

  27. Slaves lost their names & got the colonizer names so your black family
    would have Spanish names too

  28. Kally says:

    Your sister should take a test and you guys compare results. Even though you both have the same parents, and each parent contributes 50% of their DNA, it’s not the same 50% since you’re not identical twins. She may or may not have more african ancestry than you!

  29. Actually a lot of ancestry results I look at loads of the Caribbean type of side have high Congo in them ?

  30. Yesssss I’m Congolese ????????

  31. Hispanics are Spaniards from Spain she would stick out like a sore thumb in Spain

  32. A says:

    I can see the Greek

  33. A says:

    The Dr. told you lazy eye is common among Africans?? yoooo lmao he ain't shit

  34. But sister in the good old USA Amerikkka your Black even though it's some black people who hate the one drop rule your a black women that's just real talk.

  35. "European name" doesn't mean shit girl lol. Spanish name does.

  36. Geez Giana says:

    I’m from Cameroon and Nigeria

  37. Midnight says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing. I have to ask this because I've noticed since late last year that people don't read their results in order anymore. Do they still list Africa Asia Europe etc so you can tell the % of each cause everything is an ethnicity estimate. I want to see the Continents and what you have of each. Like 60% African 30% European 5% Native and 5% Middle-Eastern. People just bounce back and forth and makes it hard on us nosy folks that want details lol.

  38. Angb Rwill says:

    Your mom's Cuban "escape" and that "boat ride" was international news, she is apart of history. In the 1970s-2000 the daring boat escapes from Cuba always made international news. Cuban's were rescued and allowed to come to the United States if they were seeking Political Asylums .

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