1. Jusbnme1 says:

    My mom was from the VI and they never show up my Afro Carribean migration and it’s very disappointing!

  2. Fred B. says:

    Looking at you I would guess 100% African or something close. Turns out that's right. Nice video.

  3. How are you liking Maryland? I'm thinking about moving soon. I think it would be cool to move somewhere with a bigger African population. Oh and i love the way you say "literally" ?????

  4. Hicham says:

    Trace your origins in Haiti?? Do you know what origin means? It means beginning. Your origins are in Africa.

  5. linda lu says:

    Did you get your braids right after you got your DNA results? Interesting…anyway, I like that new hair style. It is very becoming on you..

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