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  1. Jon Lowe says:

    The result is you're going to be abducted and cut up for your body parts. well done.

  2. Do you know what 'predict' means?

  3. If it matters – my British professor is as white as a ghost and he got this thing done and it showed him 55 ( a little more than half) from India. He told me this specifically, knowing when I was from. I couldnt believe it completely. If you saw him, you'd not believe it either.

  4. Finoula Mc says:

    Irish dna is not Scottish. The Spanish went to Ireland hence connection.

  5. Love DNA Vid’s!!!! My was super acurate it was just MAD!!!! I was exactly what I thought I was (MASSIVELY Northern Irish) with 2 tiny surprise’s 5% British, and 2% Italian!!!!

  6. My DNA is crazy and so is my family tree. Some of my ancestors can be traced to 900 AD. Be sure to check into the world archives project. DNA is awesome but greater with matching records!

  7. This guy is very white

  8. You have a W in your front!! Like Vegeta M when he was possessed

  9. now they own your DNA

  10. Chong Yang says:

    Everyone worries about how much information Facebook harvests from their social media presence….imagine what kind of information Ancestry DNA, or 23 me, is collecting and for what purposes.

  11. Sagan says:

    Everyone is Irish… 🙂 Horny Fuckers.

  12. Stgfre says:

    Genetic ancestry test are unreliable and still in the early stages. There is a margin of error, depending on the company that conducts the test. As the technology improves, the results of these tests will change.

  13. I want to do one, I hope I have some good Western European heritage 🙂

  14. BIG MACK says:

    For the best ancestry DNA test kit, go to, not only do you find out where your ancestors are from, but you can also relive their memories!!!

  15. a.i says:

    This is the first video I'm watching by Louis, can someone explain why he wears dreadlocks

  16. RobbieFPV says:

    Thanks to that wonderful company, the government now has everyones DNA.

  17. whycuds says:

    That's wild! Hope you're doing well, Louis

  18. Looks like Daniel Day-Lewis is doppelganger

  19. If I’m of Portuguese descent, where can I expect to be from?

  20. Wow, we're almost the same regions just different numbers. But pretty close.

  21. Guy acting as if the iberian peninsula was half a world apart from the uk… hahaha

  22. jjgnbf says:

    I see you very surprised. I am spanish; my results in 23andme:
    Paternal haplogroup: R1b L51 ( european )
    Maternal haplogroup: H1 ( european )
    Autosomical: 99.8% european
    Iberian: 65.2% ; Italian: 7.6% ; Balkan: 1.3% ; Sardinian: 0.8% ; Broadly Southern European: 13.7% ; British-irish: 3.1% ; Broadly Northwestern European: 5.3% ; Broadly European: 2.7%
    Unassigned: 0.1% ; and less 0.1% african

  23. This is how the shadow government is getting everyone's DNA – yes – the shadow government wants everyone's DNA one way or another…..

  24. Carlos says:

    Congratulations you're European

  25. You're at least 90% filthy hippie

  26. You said that you wanted to know how you could have iberian dna, as well as scandinavian dna… well, the vikings actually raided the christian north of the peninsula, as well as the muslim south… and they also settled in that area for quite some time. I suppose that is were the connection must have come from. Perhaps your ancestors migrated back to Scandinavia or something from the peninsula..

  27. Filip says:

    Swedish lol oh i forgot this country suck

  28. How do u have 2M subs?..ur such a talk like a toothy muppet

  29. Itsjusta little bit ofspit…take another look at the vial  🙂

  30. raydaveed says:

    You know the Iberian peninsula gave you those eyebrows 'bro

  31. gais b says:

    your heritage is the most important. Your English. YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR BLOOD

  32. 2Shot says:

    4% dosnt count lol

  33. My grandmother is also a McGregor! Crazy 🙂

  34. Alissa Lyn says:

    I got the same result with 4% Iberian; upon researching my family tree, I discovered that I'm actually descended from the Royal family of Scotland (Stuarts, etc.) and upon going even FURTHER back I found that some of the people who married into the royal family are from the areas considered the Iberian peninsula. I can't say that's accurate for everyone but for my family, it makes sense 🙂

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