Husband and Wife Discover Their Ancestry DNA Results

Husband and Wife Discover Their Ancestry DNA Results

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  1. D M says:

    So are you all related?

  2. Your husband said your looking like first cousin's. lol!!!!

  3. Coolest guy I've seen all day. No doubt.

  4. "Da Homey" tribe! Is that so!? ?

  5. Am from Ghana and you look very Ghanaian

  6. Enjoyed your video ,black love stay strong.☺

  7. You two are adorable!

  8. Y'all do look alike. It's skin color and dimples?

  9. penguine19 says:

    Cutest couple! You two should do videos all the time! Just great.

  10. African-Americans, your ancestors are the ones that were the children of Israel, the Hebrews​, but today's African-American's DNA sequence has been contaminated with the Neanderthal DNA and now, like the Caucasians and others, are no longer humans but hybrids. African-Americans must do an ancestral DNA test to be sure of what they are, human or hybrid. The Most High is for HUMANS ONLY, that is, 100% black. If your results include as much as 0,..01% Neanderthal, just like whites and all none blacks, you are hybrid and NOT human. Those that are still human, PLEASE avoid contaminating the human DNA with the Neanderthal ape, keep it pure.

  11. You two do favor each other,congratulation on your good news!!!!!what a cute couple you are ,good luck and God Bless♥️

  12. So, you are not Ameridian then ? I thought that Black people were the original Ameridian, I m so confused now….

  13. My Videos says:

    You do look alike! One is as good looking as the other. Can't wait until you two marry and have children! The kids will look like both! So neat!

  14. Are y’all related and what’s y’all total percentage of African?

  15. Lee Allen says:

    You two even have a similar skin tone. Gorgeous glow about you two. Most African Americans have at least 20% European so you two have a high percentage of African. Very interesting information thanks for sharing. Maybe you're distant cousins. ?

  16. T- roset says:

    Wait stop! ( Pause video) The dimples, the smile, eyebrows, nose.. Child your both from the same tribal village! ? Ok I'm now going to watch the rest of the video.. Carry on…

  17. You two are soooooo dang cute, I just had to subscribe. The look on his face when you pranked him was priceless!!! Thank you both so much for the fun video. THAT'S WHAT I LIKE!!!

  18. Great. We are similar. Go deeper by uploading your RAW Data into, MyHeritage, Wegene for free. I am 35% IvoryGhana, 22% Nigeria, 17% Cameroon/Congo, 8% Senegal, 6% Finland/Northwest Russia, 4%Benin/Togo, 2% Scandinavian, Europe South, Bantu are 1%. Less than 1% are Africa North, Hunter Gatherers, Great Britain, Mali, Europe West.

  19. genia445 says:

    WOW you guys look alike

  20. You both have adorable dimples!

  21. Blair Boyd says:

    Tell me why you said you are not relatives,did you really did your DANA to proof you are not.Which plantation both of you foreparents from, because when the slaves came from Africa.They goes to different places, so we does not know that we are not family.Anyway your girlfriend is fine as a fiddle, nice looking attractive also gorgeous also beautiful and sexy.She is the real chocolate tea i love, do you guys having any children as yet.

  22. Blair Boyd says:

    So now that the DANA proof that you are relatives, so what are you doing now.Are you going to stop having sexual intercourse now that the test said you are relatives, do you couple got any children or what.The names that we black people have is all white people names, so we does not know how the generation moved around.

  23. ya'll are a beautiful couple

  24. Jay Cee says:

    Omg before y’all said anything I thought you were siblings ? it’s the dimples yo. And smile

  25. Yall are too cute together !The babies will be gorgeous with them dimples and gorgeous teeth ! Not to mention your personalities .

  26. You all are related somehow ,you favor each other.An let me add will make a beautiful baby

  27. Umm u two look alike this isn't surprising

  28. Johnnie B says:

    Y'all just both got dimples y'all checks look similar but y'all don't look a like

  29. Char East says:

    you folks must have the best marriage, loved your video.

  30. Write down your stories for your children and their children.

  31. Yall look just alike anyway lol

  32. You're both so cute!

  33. Tahnn Ju says:

    Your dimples are sooooo cute

  34. They do have some similar features but I think it's their bubbly personalities and super kind demeanor that makes them seem related. The dimples don't help lol but they are so cute together!

  35. Dahomey dont play that??????

  36. No, yall look alike. Straight up

  37. Y'all so cute together

  38. Adwoa says:

    You guys are adorable!!!!!!

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