For a bit of fun I took a DNA test where I spit into a vial to determine just how Irish I really am!? Are you ready for the results??

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  1. I’m probably 70% Irish and 29% English and 0.1% East African

  2. Generally summed up from the analysis I’m about 36% West Europe (concentrated in Germany), 27% Irish/Scottish/Welsh (concentrated in Scotland), 19% Scandinavian andddd 5% Great Britain, the rest in Southern European areas and Spain/Portugal

  3. ????????????????????

  4. I think mine is like 84% filipino and 29% american i think

  5. Pussgo says:

    eat spaghetti before this- your italian

  6. i'm Irish, Cherokee, Viking, German, french, Swedish.

  7. Im.pretty sure im 100% british cause non of my family has ever lived anywhere but england so if im like part spanish or something then imma be so confused?

  8. Pupola says:

    fuck now I wanna do this

  9. 30% American…
    1% German…

    69% IRISH!!!

  10. I am 100% Irish comment if you believe me like if you think I am telling a lie

  11. Almost all Irish are Spaniard and Portuguese and vice versa. The Irish share more DNA with Iberian (Spaniards and Portuguese). They are very close and you can take a boat easily if you go straight north from Portugal ?? and Spain ?? I also believe they share similar traits. Red hair is prevalent in Spain and other European countries a long with the UK as well.

  12. Do you have siblings or genealogy buffs in your family? My elder half sister and 2 of my paternal cousins traced gravestones and went way back to find out their ancestry (and by relation, some of mine). Enjoyed your video.

  13. I am British, Irish, American so yeah
    But I’m proud of Irish

  14. I am Estonian 69% because I am Estonian but my granny is brithis and my dad is Ireland but I was taking after this video the test

  15. I hear you like brithis some times

  16. 50% Cork. 50% Tipperary.

  17. It says I'm %98 Chinese and %2 African……

  18. Turns out I'm 100% Chinese XD Guess I'm a purebred.

  19. "man, science is crazy"

  20. K M says:

    Tá mé I do chónaí in Éirinn.

    Now we will see who is really Irish

  21. I’m from New Zealand and I’m 85% Chinese and 15 % Australian


    – 50 self confidence

  22. Sky blue says:

    I'm Irish Scottish German and native American

  23. 28% Irish, 28% French/Spanish , 20% English, 4% German, 2% Swedish

    I am American. My family was among the first American settlers. I find ancestry very interesting! I will be going to Ireland next year and cannot wait to visit the EPIC museum to learn more.

  24. 100% Irish 20% English and that's about me

  25. I think I am 100% Irish I didn't do this by the way just guessing I might be a bit brit his but I dunno

  26. Dragonborn says:

    I'm like 90 percent Scottish and 10 percent Irish and my family is from a irish clan called O'Callaghan (that's what I've been told) and they were in the IRA (the one that got the 26 counties independent) but fled to Britain to escape the black and tans. Oh and 26+6=1.

  27. Question: What is he made out of?

    Me: Obviously he's made out of skin flesh!

  28. Jack says:

    37% Scottish and Irish
    31% English, Welsh, and Scottish
    14% French
    8% German
    7% Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania
    and Finally 3% Norwegian
    Number 1,2, and 5 are all mixed together

  29. Jack says:

    I'm 37% Irish and Scottish and some other stuff

  30. I got 0.5 percent Japanese lads embracing the heritage buzz

  31. What part of Westmeath I’m from Westmeath ?❤️

  32. London was the biggest city in the world for almost 150 years!

  33. Mr Argy says:

    I would love to do one of these tests because I’m Scottish and my name Irish so that interesting and do u speak any Gaelic because I understand it but I don’t often speak it

  34. wait so one of your ancestors fucked a British guy

  35. Jack:Whats he made up of
    Me:He's probably made of Guinness

  36. Now i am curious i want to do it

  37. I think all Irish people will have Iberian Peninsula on their results because that's where Irish people moved from when they first came to Ireland. I only have 18% Irish but still 1% Iberian peninsula too.

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