1. Wow! You have Johnson and Jackson listed for your last names which are my family members as well. Thats pretty cool. Lol Awesome results. I plan to order a kit this month! 😀

  2. ? your email inbox looks like mine

  3. Leann2.0 says:

    OMG this video BLEW UP!!! ???

  4. I was thinking 70% African but nice results


  6. you are in my genetic community. african americans in northern and central virginia

  7. Judging from the map you showed, you're South Asian.

  8. I knew right away when I clicked on her video that she has quite a bit of West African, Nigeria/Ivory Coast ancestry and for sure, South African Bantu. Years ago before ancestry DNA, I used to tease some of my African American friends by guessing their African origins just by looking at their facial and physical features. They were mostly excited and curious. Now, I would encourage them to take the ancestry DNA test and see how right I was.

  9. Nplos Le says:

    Mulatta I'm guessing g

  10. Cool results! Btw, I think you're incredibly beautiful…to the point where I don't care if you live far away….I'd still skype/facetime with you….like for real. lol

  11. took me the same amount of time to get mine back lol…

  12. SJanez91 says:

    I love your excitement! Congratulations!! I did an Ancestry test last year, my results were 85% African, 12% European, 1% American, 1% Asian, and 1% Pacific Islander.

  13. Jas Holden says:

    All humans on Earth are descended of a common mother who lived at the South West corner of modern day Ethiopia. You and I are both Ethiopians smiles

  14. 84%. I was thinking maybe 60%.

  15. I RISING says:

    Great results! Did you know that you/and other blacks throughout the Americas can trace your lineage back to the original Hebrews in the Bible? You are a direct descendant of Christ!

    Even the US President Nixon learned who Africans were after receiving a memo dated January 28, 1969 from Henry Kissinger, proclaiming that the IGBO tribe of Nigeria are the “wandering Jews of West Africa.”

    Source: The Lost Tribes of Israel Series: http://bit.ly/2tKoVuS

    Check these out:

  16. Awesome results! Your energy and excitement were so fun to watch. I have my results posted on my channel too 🙂

  17. REE MARiE says:

    i loooove your energy daphnis you crack me up lol ⭐️ and girl know ya roots we do come from africa lol ? so many tribes in our country ??

  18. jkbezo says:

    Nice results, cute girl.

  19. John Dean says:

    South Asia is still Asian just not the kind you were thing of.

  20. Leecy C. says:

    I love your enthusiasm! Thanks for sharing!

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