1. You aren 1% african because they attacked the Iberian Peninsula.

  2. Star Gazer says:

    You are pure idiot

  3. from watching your video you have a problem with white people. so you hate your white dna. shame on you

  4. from watching your video you hate white people.

  5. i guess you hate white people and you wish you 100% black dna

  6. Ayyy I’m Moroccan too

  7. Eleven says:

    I would highly recommend you download your raw dna from Ancestry then upload it to GEDMatch. Then click on Admixture (heritage) and select Eurogenes. This may perhaps be more accurate that Ancestry! Ancestry missed out on my Italian and Polish genes but they showed up on GEDmatch 🙂

  8. Steve Haas says:

    Pappa was a rolling stone. You got a little everything. And a lot Irish ?

  9. I am under the impression that as a female if you test you only get your matrilineal results; to trace your male lineage you should test a close male relative ie dad, brother etc

  10. Your people were enslaving black people

  11. What a looser.. your not African

  12. What a dumb b!! What is wrong with this woman..

  13. Dont dis your race by calling yourself just a white person and boring have some fucking pride in yourself.

  14. You look like portuguese or spanish!
    And you are very beautiful

  15. burntsoup says:

    "just a white person"? For goodness sake. Europe is a whole continent of different colourings and cultures and history. White does not mean you have to have pure white skin. People in southern Europe can be as dark as people Asia.

    Why do white Americans seem so ashamed of being white? Your culture is relatively new so maybe you find that boring but please don't insult an entire continent of people.

  16. burntsoup says:

    Scotch is a drink. It's whiskey ?

  17. You're 97% illiterate. You should work on that

  18. Gabi X says:

    Why so happy to be African ?
    Self hating race or ?

  19. You're mainly irish and german then…don't get too excited about your "african" 1%…it is not even black…north africa is arabic…

  20. L Lance says:

    I'm Fuking Italian. The % is so small it is meaningless.

  21. L Lance says:

    So basically your mother was right. Anything less than 10% is really insignificent.

  22. I mean way back lol not way black ????

  23. The Irish and the African just meansome passed and they kept mixing white 1% means someone was black way black probably way back during slave days

  24. Marcy Lee says:

    Your video made me smile. You are hilarious. You were as giddy as I was when I did mine.

  25. JustKel says:

    First off beautiful just beautiful my Queen ? also nice video….!!!!!

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