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  1. I'll go to Scotland for your daughter to visit my ancestors ??? Maybe not. I HATE bagpipes!

  2. greg jay says:

    Vic….. this is the impact of watching Maria Manning on the football field!!!

  3. Your wife is a saint!

  4. Lets try this again aren’t those ring doorbell’s a pain in the ass ?

  5. mercoid says:

    I don’t want a private company having possession of my dna which can be submitted to the government on demand under trumped up pretenses.

  6. Wow she did good keeping a straight face

  7. Classic. Better than anything on tv

  8. Wow! Your wife is gorgeous!

  9. gogames31 says:

    Almost died laughing.

  10. She is trying so hard not to laugh

  11. I’m crying !! So unexpected !!

  12. just now seeing this video lolol

  13. bilajoin says:

    How the hell does she hold it out with you.. She is so lovely.

  14. hahahah…you  are mint Vic.  Your wife is a doll for putting up with you…hahahahahah

  15. Babekins has been Makin' Bacon !!

  16. What the results don’t Tell you is that you’re biologically an African primate. No- really. You Are.

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