AncestryDNA unboxing and Ancestry DNA test. Shocking results for one of us.

AncestryDNA unboxing and Ancestry DNA test. Shocking results for one of us.

AncestryDNA test and Ancestry DNA unboxing. Shocking results for one of us. Did Mom lie? What am I going to do with these tattoos?

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  1. V Reacts says:

    This was so much fun to watch guys. just subscribed.

  2. MB Timez says:

    That's awesome my husband and i will be doing this soon!!crazy thing is your sibling can do the test and get slightly different results! Makes me want to do it for my grandmother First! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great Britain isn’t just English. It can be Scottish. You look more like a Scottish warrior.

  4. Almost all the tests come back with White ppl being British/Scottish. It’s BS. How do you come back half British and not aware of it. A lot of videos of ppl on YouTube coming back with high British amounts and being shocked. Very weird.

  5. travel&how says:

    Oh that was an awesome video….Nice to see ur reactions…:) Subscribed…

  6. Sooo many white people think they're part Native American it usually never turns out to be true.

  7. I would love to know my own. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Gummi Girl says:

    You guys are hilarious

  9. Nigerian (Igbo) for her African ancestry—–Western Europe for his

  10. God bless your marriage. God bless your children. God bless your home. Let the annointing of the Lord be release on your home in the name of Jesus as I speak in Jesus name, Amen!

  11. I have been wanting to do one of these tests. So fun to watch you both reveal your results.

  12. Tell your mom not to sweat the absence of Native American ancestry. It may not be that it was never there, just that Native American DNA has been known to remove itself for unknown reasons(aka-busted European wishful thinking) from European settler ancestry. Hence the true nature of the term, "Indian Giver" is revealed.
    I also heard that somehow, there is an ancient Indian ritual that they do that removes Native DNA from European DNA…. something to do with dancing around a bank account number painted onto the carpet of a Reservation Casino.

  13. cool video like, I just subbcribe for your channel, I hope you sub back for me!!! thumbs up

  14. We did the 23 & me last year. I want to try Ancestry dna and see more specifics. Nice vid ??

  15. Looking forward to getting my moms results back too. Thx for your support. I’m happy to help you as well.

  16. What an awesome thing to do! I need to do that sometime!!!

  17. that was interesting thanks for sharing

  18. Mark A500 says:

    If you have brothers you should do their DNA test. I have close to 20% African it doesn’t show up on my older brother shows up as Italian Greek on him. In my African shows up and all the other website so it’s just not an anomaly.

  19. “….Ireland, we could be related” Dude? There’s millions of Irish. Chill.

  20. Follow you here in 335, please check out my channel all about BALI, INDONESIA and follow me back. thank you

  21. Hey guys thank you love your channel I just subscribe to it I am new to YouTube love it if you could subscribe to my channel please thank you so much ?

  22. Just found you from another channel and this was our first video. We have been wanting to so a DNA test for a long time. Neither of us know anything about our heritage. Very cool

  23. 6:57 Why such high percentage of "unknown in Europe"?

  24. We got 23 and Me for Christmas… We can't wait to compare the results 🙂 ?

  25. Big like ???????????????????????

  26. Lynn C says:

    You two are cute ! My Paternal grandparents are from Bergen ??

  27. Great couple, thanks for the video.

  28. Real disrespectful to add Pocahontas as your way of claiming to be native like how wrong. Many people make fun of natives by using Pocahontas as a way to bully them and you show the ignorance in people. Even Kim kardashian described her native ancestry as having "Pocahontas in her" thats just disrespectful in the highest way possible considering Pocahontas was actually raped at 13.

  29. hetrodoxly says:

    You're an Anglo Saxon warrior, we beat the Vikings in the end.

  30. John S says:

    Hey, you might be more Egyptian than you think. They did a DNA test on King Tut and the closest DNA match was found… IRELAND!!!! Turns out that the same people that went to Egypt also had an early group that went to Ireland. So that Irish in your DNA…well you could be Egyptian.

  31. hilarious and entertaining. new subbie here!

  32. Lion Heart says:

    your results are consistent for someone being about half norwegian. Norwegians are highly related to british people and its hard for geneticists to tell the difference between western european nations. You definitely have norwegian ancestry.

  33. You two are absolutely gorgeous

  34. At 6:39 she decided to belittle him.

  35. Awwwww you two are so cute and a good looking couple, she's pretty

  36. Shiva G says:

    Y'all so crazy!!!! LOL LOL!

  37. 8 weeks! I really want to get one of my kids to do this but would go crazy waiting that long. Love your editing! 🙂

  38. Your results don't surprise me at all. Have a beautiful life together

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