AncestryDNA | How to Submit Your AncestryDNA Sample | Ancestry

AncestryDNA | How to Submit Your AncestryDNA Sample | Ancestry

Learn how to submit your AncestryDNA sample in just a few steps.

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Bringing together science and self-discovery, Ancestry helps everyone, everywhere discover the story of what led to them. Our sophisticated engineering and technology harnesses family history and consumer genomics, combining billions of rich historical records, millions of family trees, and samples from almost 10 million people in the AncestryDNA database to provide people with deeply meaningful insights about who they are and where they come from.
We’ve pioneered and defined this category, developing new innovations and technologies that have reinvented how people make family history discoveries. And these discoveries can give everyone a greater sense of identity, relatedness, and their place in the world.

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AncestryDNA | How to Submit Your AncestryDNA Sample | Ancestry



  1. Is it ok to shake it over 5 minutes I did

  2. How to produce salvia?

  3. Maria Cruz says:

    Need address to ask for ancestry DNA kit

  4. My saliva was yellow when I turned mine in ?

  5. I already sent my sample, but I overfilled the tube, not all the way to the top, but still last the line. Can I still count on an accurate result? Or will they give me a new kit in the mail?

  6. Why have I had to do this 5 times so far? I'm ordering number 6!

  7. How long do I have after completing the sample to mail it. I have it in the box but have continually forgotten to take it to the post office for three days now. Is it ruined?

  8. Velocity says:

    Is it okay if you don’t use the collection bag?

  9. They dont ship to Italy!!! How odd!!!

  10. Will you end the world

  11. I got some of the blue liquid on my hands and my fingers got numb, hot, and little foreskin openings developed on my fingers. Is it toxic?

  12. I accidentally destroyed the glue on the box. Can I just tape the box or do I have to order a new box? please help i panic

  13. Can I do it at night and then put it in the mail the next day, or wait until the morning?

  14. How long does it regularly take for my kit to arrive at the Utah lab? I shipped it about 10 days ago and nothing.

  15. My box didn’t have an adhesive strip, is it okay to use regular tape?

  16. Just call me bubbles – even hydrated, it's not just 4 spits ….I wish! lol

  17. I would have preferred for to have videoed the process of getting the saliva. Yeah, that's what I came here to see, because, you know… it's a … video….

  18. Mauricio says:

    How long does it take to get your results?

  19. Mail it old school! Let the mail man pick it up!!!

  20. Will I have the same results as my little sister ?

  21. Some blue liquid spilt out but some went in will the sample be fine?

  22. Matt Clark says:

    Why did my dna kit have a dead cricket inside?

  23. Jay P says:

    Mine didn't have any blue liquid it was dried up

  24. The struggle me and the blue liquid went through lol… I just knew I was gonna have to do it over… But it worked out ?

  25. how much is the shipping?

  26. Just spit in mine. Mailing tomorrow.

  27. Paul L. says:

    Is 4 hours since you last ate too long or is 30 minutes the optimum amount of time?

  28. II AM MARRIED TO Andrew Hears Gardiner my madam name is Catherine Fitzpatrick

  29. What if there are bubbles above the fill line?? Do we need to try and get them out?

  30. Lah Vallay says:

    My son completed his dna sample, what do we do now? We live in Canada. Do we put the box in a envelope and mail it to the address stated on the box?

  31. Mbeepy says:

    The blue fluid didn't go in as quickly for me as it did in the vid. At first i thought nothing was happening but eventually it did go down.

  32. How does the return box work? Do you just put it in your mailbox, or do you take it to the post office?

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