AncestryDNA | CNN’s: Finding Kamau Bell Episode 3 | Ancestry

AncestryDNA | CNN’s: Finding Kamau Bell Episode 3 | Ancestry

‘United Shades of America’ host W. Kamau Bell and his dad are shocked when their family’s origin story is dramatically revised. Watch the full episode of ‘Finding Kamau,’ presented by Ancestry.

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AncestryDNA | CNN’s: Finding Kamau Bell Episode 3 | Ancestry



  1. We did our ancestry family tree/record and went back to 1778 on my father's maternal side, what a surprise.

  2. His Dad voice sound like President Obama’s voice.

  3. lkpeace911 says:

    I have Dockery, Bell and Mccants in my family and my mom and dad are both from Marengo County AL………only an hour from Monroe County AL………..i'm pretty sure you're my cousin. lol……..Ancestry matched me with some 430 cousins.

  4. Gem Gem says:

    Everytime that Reason ?? lyric played ???. Love hearing about people's history. Please use Reason though!!! Boy or girl.

  5. Pee Dub says:

    Totally name one of your children Reason!

  6. D Stears says:

    There are amazing stories in everyone’s genealogy, I think. This showed one of the coolest!

  7. derek song says:

    That Reasons break is hilarious

  8. Your dad talks like Obama

  9. penguine19 says:

    Very cool info. I wish he would have kept going as well. This is fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing! Name that baby girl Reason. ♥️?

  10. SD Holmes says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey Kamau, well done

  11. Very interesting! I always wondered is this test worth it since slavery was hardly ever documented

  12. You should have talked to the Bells to see if they know any stories.

  13. music mow says:

    We are not Africans!!;

  14. Great show, We have to get away from thinking that everyone was a slave. Their are plenty of FPOC (Free People of Color) that are well documented in the Americas.

  15. Great, fascinating series. ☺️?

  16. Wow! This is Pretty cool! ?

  17. JL Blades says:

    I’m confused. Since his parents weren’t married, do they just happen to have the same last name Bell? I mean, I guess.

  18. Very interesting story and very well documented. Congrats!

  19. This was so great, & I hope you named your daughter or son that name reason.

  20. woneata says:

    I very much enjoyed his genealogy on his family history.   Thank you

  21. Chings says:

    Karibu Kenya (Welcome to Kenya), a beautiful country. Kamau is a name from the Kikuyu tribe. A lot of people are called Kamau.

  22. Your dad reminds me of Obama! And that is a compliment ?

  23. Mrs H2O says:

    I think he's more happy about this situation maybe because he and his grandma dated white

  24. cgrace14 says:

    Wow, what a great sense of humor, what a great story teller.

  25. Kira36k says:

    Loved this 3 part series

  26. R Pierce says:

    I love these DNA stories but this one proves more and more evidence that Republicans were the political party that was against slavery, not Democrats. We have all been lied to for too long. #walkaway

  27. Tran Mere says:

    As we see here and what has been confirmed by scientific studies not even near all European white ancestors of African Americans have been slave owner or other white rapers. Interracial couples have been surprisingly common during Antebellum than most people are thinking. We have to come to post WW2 period when having more interracial couples relatively than during Antebellum. The lowest point was during 1920's.

  28. Kamau is a Kenyan kikuyu name

  29. How beautiful is this story! A lineage of love regardless of the government’s attempts.
    All the way through the family chose to keep good company and fight for just cause while staying true to who they loved regardless of color or money.
    The women in this history rose above becoming exceptional examples for their families while not letting race or gender stand in their way. The men fought against slavery and racism standing up to speak the truth, against unspeakable punishments that could have come their way in an area known for tragic consequences.
    I myself although caucasian have a similar problem tracing my family as most of my father’s family were Irish and English children sent from orphanages to Canada to work for their keep.

  30. Chal Goode says:

    So, Does this mean that Kamau's YDNA is from Europe?

  31. Francis and Carroll were together at a time when interracial marriage was illegal. That's some strong love, right there.

  32. kim kon says:

    How is this a Story about slaves and i do Not feel Bad for laugthing at via jokes. Wow.

  33. Your mother is so beautiful and with all due respect, your father is Fine?.
    I really enjoyed you allowing us to travel through time finding your ancestry.
    Peace with continual blessings

  34. 0157 jo says:

    He should really travel to East Africa and find millions of the other Kamau's in Kenya

  35. The funny thing in Zimbabwe there is too many people called Reason

  36. Kamau and I have the same Roxie shirt 😛

  37. C.J. and Francis were unmarried probably because it was illegal then.

  38. chnalvr says:

    Beautiful parents! I especially appreciate their open-mindedness to find out whatever was out there waiting to be found.

  39. That was great! Thanks for sharing this family knowledge with the world. Your parents are lovely.

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