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Finally, the results are here. How will we react to seeing where i truly came from? What twists and turns are waiting beyond this test?!




  1. Your mom has NO FILTER ?

  2. Mabel A says:

    Am a new youtuber…i just like your channel…thanks for sharing

  3. j e says:

    15% african is huge, thats more african than someone would have if they had a fully black great-grandparent. especially since the chances of someone inheriting 1/8th of their dna from a great grandparent is very low.

  4. Dlw4456 says:

    Check it again, they just updated it and its far more accurate

  5. james….you dont have cheek dimples. dont think you know what they are

  6. Portugal isnt a latin country

  7. I think the African is in ur hair

  8. Lil Dudy says:

    No doubt there was gonna be some European if you are puerto rican or of other hispanic origin.

  9. James got curly ass hair and wonder where the African came from

  10. Dude, go find your father holy shit, extremely high likely, LOL

  11. check your ancestry dna again it's been updated for everyone

  12. Dawn Syko says:

    Your mom is hilarious, she would be the type of person you want to hang out with.

  13. Me I think the best part was the moms laughing the whole time

  14. Double W says:

    Well every american is european unless you have native american blood.

  15. KingSvG says:

    This video had my dying

  16. this is very wholesome

  17. DUBMANS says:

    Did he write back?

  18. Krakolio says:

    Your mother's reaction was funny.

  19. Eric Roman says:

    Puerto Rican is a mix of European African and native people's btw so yes James you are part african technically

  20. Dude your mom is hiding something

  21. Leah Banks says:

    Wtf DNA doesn’t lie. Both of you need to cut out that bs laughing that’s hiding the truth and have an actual conversation.

  22. YAAD SQUAD says:

    5.4% alien lol ?

  23. 박승현 says:

    This whole DNA test seems like a scam to me

  24. My parents both took the test. My late grandmother took the test. I took the test. My parents showed up as my parents. My grandmother matched with my mom and I. Her relationship with my mom was mother and daughter. Her relationship with me was close relative. I believe when it comes to DNA matches the tests are accurate with close relations. Also my cousins also matched with me on both branches of my family tree.

  25. what is the music in this video?

  26. Wow that's messed up that your Mom lied. All the laughing is annoying.

  27. Pay the $45! This could be amazing!

  28. 0.5% Balkan? Brate!

  29. Fes says:

    The native american IS your hispanic background, since you know, the spainards kinda did snu snu with all the native americans when they came over 😛

  30. TriXJester says:

    Does he actually not know his dad or what, cause thatd be fuckin WILD

  31. Din Sel says:

    Wait! You dont know what Sub Saharan African is???
    You say it like, S-sa-sahr-saharan, what is that???
    You say Benin-Togo, what is thAt??

    Damn bro, you are one thick fucking CUNT

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