1. gerpool7 says:

    your ancestors where celts

  2. Thick mid-Western accent. Great results

  3. your beautiful girl. I thought you were English with Scottish and Spanish black with your beautiful hair.

  4. I hit Ireland right !!!!!

  5. Emily Love says:

    I thought that you were a big part Hungarian… maybe that’s counted in for Europe East 🙂

  6. And what about the 3 % missing ?

  7. Ana Larson says:

    Welcome to the club, I am an All-AMerican Mutt, my ancestors have come to the Americas at various times and here I am, the majority on all sides is from the United Kingdom too, Wales, Ireland, England and Norther Spain (Basque-Celts)France, but most of all you are one of US, a good egg and American, blessings.And an FYi, the Europeans will only view you as American and nothing else, even if they are your family, so go figure, we are all God's kids and that is really what matters. Party looked like a blast.

  8. I hate to be the party pooper….BUT these tests are not 100% accurate. You're just getting something like a guesstimation. A scientist recently described this test on the news as a scam…just so you know.

  9. ezraathome says:

    OMG she's white ? I would've never guessed ………—–

  10. I'd love to hear an update.
    I received my resukts around the same time as you and I've found my bio father.

  11. hi sweetheart.. can I ask, does your dog ever get mad at you?

  12. Let me guess, it still didn't work?

  13. Are you still take suggestions? If so what kind?

  14. That is so awesome! I'm adopted too, and to find out who you are is exciting! So happy for you!!

  15. c k says:

    You remind me of Natalie Wood.

  16. pretty cool I know that helps you feel connected luv ya my friend.

  17. Your Mom says:

    They match u with bio relatives too. Did u find any?

  18. I would start with the British Births, Death, and Marriages. start with when you were born, see if you can get a birth certificate, this may have parents names or what sort of job they had, it may also give you the hospital you were born in which gives you another avenue to search. you never know, you could be royalty and not know it hehe. this was such a beautiful video, I am so happy for you. crossing fingers for good results lovely xxxxx

  19. WOW! Thank you for this wonderful share. How exciting. I am currently waiting for my results from another DNA service. I have some general ideas about me…I'm not adopted, but, know very little about my father. Thanks again for sharing such an exciting event. 🙂

  20. WOW, that is so amazing, all the best to you in your search for family, would have been nice to know what the trace regions were, however, I believe you have a strong Jewish connection due to your high percentage of Eastern European, (besides, I had guessed Jewish due to your hair and complexion)
    Look forward to possibly another video of finding family. Keep us posted of your journey

  21. Katieee says:

    I thought you were gonna be Hispanic…but your results do make sense!!

  22. Erika Kon says:

    awesome news congratulations ? you can upload your ancestry raw data to http://www.gedmatch.com and they will tell you more detailed information where are u from might be ✋

  23. How special and exciting. Congratulations!

  24. Tracy P says:

    How exciting!! Looks like you're surrounded by some good peeps 🙂

  25. Good luck on your search .

  26. Woohoo! I was right when I said Polish. 34% Neat to see the results.

  27. cokeman250 says:

    Very cool God bless

  28. Loved your results & ur party. I hope you get to find your family xx

  29. I had $20.00 on you being from Hell. I still think they messed up your results! lol

  30. rchopp says:

    Congrats on finding out the unknown..

  31. snookie65 says:

    So exciting! I'm truly thrilled for you. I wish you the best of luck in finding your family.

  32. wow how exciting I am so happy for you good luck searching for your family

  33. How exciting , prayers on finding family, was great to see a video from you. 🙂 <3

  34. This was great! I hope you find your family soon my friend. Then, you could see who looks like you. 😉

  35. Mine just says Antarctica, runn!

  36. justlivin says:

    Congratulations, looked like a fun time!

  37. Oh how exciting! My family is from Great Britain too. I have cousins that we all correspond with each other. I just look like the Greek side. You need to plan a European vacation now!

  38. live4wild says:

    My Grandparents are from Finland

  39. live4wild says:

    Awesome Pet. You are a 100% our Pet.

  40. I'm so happy for you Pet!! I would feel the same way. Can't wait to go on the family finding journey with ya ??
    Horay Horay ????
    Take care-Debbie

  41. Wow! I was so wrong! I was sure you were Eskimo and and maybe Mexican. In fact I thought you might be kin to Cesar the dog whisperator.

  42. That's really cool. My Dad did a similar search and found our ancestors are from a small village in Germany. (I forgot the name). Congratulations on being grounded. lol

  43. Both my parents got theirs done… it was way cool. The I am 100% ____ just doesn't exist. There were some surprises on both sides for sure.

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