1. 54% Swedish
    44% Norwegian
    1% Slovak
    1% British

  2. T Pope says:

    I just found out I'm Scandinavian! I just got my DNA results. unbelievable!

  3. I got 100% Scandinavian.But i live in Norway.

  4. Anna says:

    Your so incredibly lucky to be almost completely Scandinavian. Your also rare, probably one of the last people that are going to have these genetics in the future. Please do the world a favor and marry a 100 percent Scandinavian guy.

  5. You look Norwegian. You have similar features to Morten Harket of A-ha

  6. Sky Cloud says:

    Asian face… Swedish mouth/ speech patterns.

  7. One outsider came to your village a thousand or so years ago perhaps.

  8. Ray Morris says:

    I would have guessed Scandinavian. Based on your eye shape n cheeck bones

  9. I am 39% Scandinavian which was a surprise to me at first and I tried to figure out which side of my family it came from i found out that Scandinavians in the 1700s shared DNA with Cherokee Indians which made more sense to me since my great grandfather was 100% Cherokee and explains the darker hair

  10. I want to take this test, my grandma's parents were from Sweden. 🙂

  11. I think your from Senegal

  12. Oww India my mother is India but My mother is White enteresting.

  13. sellammar1 says:

    I have been interested in these DNA test now for a couple of years and I have never heard of a typical native Scandinavian has 84%.  I read in a news paper that at least most Swedes who have taken these DNA tests have around 60-65% Scandinavian DNA. The rest is for the most Europé West. I dont even think the purest viking 1000 years ago had 84%

  14. Slavyanka says:

    You’re pretty homogenous to your region, basically pure. Shouldn’t be upset about that. Everyone keeps saying “not exciting” with European ancestry. I’m 99% homogenous to my European region and I couldn’t be more excited. That means I literally look like my ancestors who have managed to stay within the region. The other 1% can be explained by several invasions.

    Results of over 90% are great, over 95% are just amazing. Especially to one region within Europe as many have mixed.

  15. Mine came back 98% Scandinavia too. I was surprised. My mother’s family is from Sweden but, my fathers family is mostly French. I guess they were from France but, were Viking as well. So, I’m a Viking too ?

  16. girl you are so cute

  17. IGY6 III% says:

    I'm 26% Scandinavian, 25% Great Britain, 21% Ireland Scotland Wales, 16% Europe West, 5% Iberian peninsula, 2% European Jewish 1% Europe East and 1% North African

  18. Redeemed says:

    This proves that you don’t have to have blonde hair to be Scandinavian. You’re the most Scandinavian I’ve seen in my life.

  19. You are the whitest person I've seen so far!

  20. You are so beautiful!

  21. BJ says:

    Hi. I love your video. I just did an DNA test and it said that I'm 51.6% Scandinavian, 25.3% English, 18.4% North and West European and 2.4% Greek. (other percentages were Iberian and West-Asia). I was really shocked.. because I am from the Netherlands and so is my family (the only thing I know is that my family could be English as they crossed over to the Netherlands but that is a long time ago in 1800 or something) Is it common for someone from the Netherlands to have such a high percentage of scandinavia..?? Another thing is.. I am really dark, like dark brown hair and eyes and people would always ask me if I am Turkish (well I am, but like 1.4% lol) so I was even more shocked about the results. I hope someone from your viewers could help me out!! Thankyou in advance.

  22. Beautiful scandinavian girl

  23. I wonder what percentage Sami you are? You might have some.

  24. nancysrios says:

    Very impressive! I am only 15% Scandinavian and I'm very white and blonde. You are100% Sweet!

  25. Nice video, please check out my channel as its all about Family Trees etc… sub if you like it plz 😉 x

  26. Mary says:

    Love your video! Fourth cousin means you both share a grandparent or grandparents around four generations back.

  27. Stgfre says:

    You are a beautiful Caucasoid woman.

  28. J Semp says:

    Ahhhh i watched the results! i was right!!!!!

  29. J Semp says:

    My guess. Scandinavian, Western european (german or dutch) and 1-3% south asian

  30. Jack Jones says:

    Stopped at 2 seconds:
    Mostly Northern European. Eyes – light, shape vertically compressed
    Nose – rather small, slightly upwards
    Lips – small upper lip
    Face shape – widest in middle, not round
    Skintone – very light.
    Haircolor – brown > some southern or asian influence

    Mostly scandinavian. Few other.

    Edit: woohoo. Well you were easy ;]
    (been doing this for a few hours now on random ppl that pop up on the right. Its fun!

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