1. Beautiful result it's like you have the Bible in you.

  2. St No says:

    You should test your Y-DNA over at Familytreedna.com.

  3. I am moroccan and I am 87% middle eastern and 13% north african

  4. I’m algerian and i’ve got 33 % middle East

  5. binky 2372 says:

    After my dna results came back, I was totally amazed. It had around 20% West Asian (modern day Iran, Iraq etc…) I have no idea where this came from as I am extremely fair skinned with blue eyes and from the Middle of America. I've never heard of any Middle Eastern ancestors. Even though I'm thoroughly confused, I think it is really cool!

  6. I'm an Assyrian Christian with roots from the old town of Mosul my results were:

    50% Caucasus
    33% Middle Eastern
    12% Italy/Greece
    5% European Jewish

  7. west asia anatolia isnt semitic only the middle east is semitic west adia is white cauacsian

  8. He skipped Israel when he was calling the list of "primally located"

  9. I am Turkish

    43% Caucasian
    17% central asian
    12% greek
    9% eastern european
    2% Far east/siberia
    3% finn
    2.6% middle eastern
    1-2% baltic

  10. suarezcm says:

    Spectical? or Skeptical nice result though…

  11. AZZ says:

    المقطع مترجم عربي في قناتي ??

  12. Diana Ali says:

    I'm curious to see your face!:(

  13. وهاذي هي سلالة العربJ1

  14. انا استغربت يوم تقول ارجع قحطاني لان 95٪ من العرب من اسماعيل عليه السلام

  15. مرحبا يابعدي وش قبيلتك ووش تحورك الجيني

  16. swnerd -23 says:

    Interesting results! I'm Egyptian and my AncestryDNA results are:
    74% Middle East
    10% North Africa
    5% European Jewish
    4% Nigeria
    3% Ivory Coast/Ghana
    1% Africa Southeastern Bantu
    1% Senegal
    <1% Mali
    <1% Benin/Togo

  17. Madi says:

    purposely doesn't say Israel lol

  18. mplsridah says:

    Boring result lmao

  19. Lama Kamas says:

    Can you please click "show all regions" and film what it says? Thank youu

  20. الله يرزقنا بالاكسنت حقك انا 100% ولكن للأسف حتى الاكسنت بعد 100% عربي ههههههههههههههههههههههه

  21. Dil gêrm says:

    I scored 96,8 % west Asian and 3,2 % south Asia and I am kurdish

  22. Please post your photos. Would like to know what 100% middle eastern looks like. Thanks

  23. I’m also 100% middle eastern .. I’m pure and unique ?

  24. soul light says:

    I know it's on ald video but can you tell me is it ok to send the test from Saudi ?
    Thank you

  25. KoSeKu says:

    these tests are so retarded, i want to know which races i am related to, not the areas… middle east has tons of race in it, %100 middle eastern doesnt tell anything

  26. Could you please post your photo as well so it would be very accurate 🙂

  27. What's your Y-haplogroup???

  28. Hi there! I'm also 100% from Saudi Arabia. I thought I was the only one! Check my channel, I have my results video

  29. 90% عربي!! نتيجة نادرة بصراحة

  30. Adam Sahr says:

    Results without a picture mean almost nothing to others. It would have been nice if we had a face to associate with the results !!!

  31. S Ahmed says:

    Pure Arabian but boring results lol

  32. نايف says:

    كيف اسوي هذا الاختبار في السعودية؟
    دخلت موقعهم ومكتوب انه يشحن داخل امريكا فقط.. لو شحنتها بشركة اعادة توجيه ورجعتها لهم مباشرة من السعودية يقبلونها؟

  33. hello, sorry to dissappoint you. south west asian is Semite. West Asian is Anatolian, Iranian and Caucasus. Your "turkish" family member is not "turkic£ as the real turkic DNA is south asian dna. (it is genetically proven that only 10% of the habitants in Anatolia are turkic – the rest a mix of mostly old/anatolien/ iranian and not less immigrants like Cherkez or Balkan people .. and of course the neighboring southasien dna for the semites like arabs or israelis. you are an human with Anatolien and Iranian roots – who thinks that his ancestors are Arab or "Turks" …unfortunately for you but you are non of them…

  34. it only means you compare 100% to people from the middle east for 8 to 10 generations nothing else… (so the last 200 years) nobody is pure from nowhere

  35. Arabia is not Saoudia..Nothing belibg to notone .Planet is not property to not one.Every thing Belong to God.

  36. You are not descendant of Prophet Muhammad as Cherif

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