1. You Made I says:

    A lot of people from Michoacán have a high portion of native blood

  2. rooster G. says:

    You should check your ancetry update…see how much it changed

  3. Anahi Neri says:

    My top 3 results are almost exactly alike!

  4. No Balkan is Greece Bulgaria bosnia and Herzegovina not Germany.

  5. European Jew is not "Israel" homes they are not Semetic, they are coverts from Eastern Europe. But, rock on.

  6. Bro Yoruba is not a place, it's an ethnic group of people who inhabit some of the countries in West Africa, including the countries in your ancestry reports.

  7. I did so far and am waiting for another test

  8. rooster G. says:

    what part of mexico are your parents from?

  9. really interesting!

  10. Excellent and Informative presentation of DNA results! Finally someone who doesn't do a long and boring intro and only reads out results without showing the charts. Really enjoyed this and you broke it down in a understandable precise manner. Great job!

  11. Latino/Mexican ???people get these confused

  12. Balkan is not German xD The Balkan peninsula is a rather loosely defined term but for this context and stretched a bit it could be said that east to west it starts in northern Greece and ends in Slovenia, in reality the best definition would be southeast europe . Google up kek

  13. Unbothered says:

    All Mexicans are mixed

  14. Do Mexicans don't understand..that they are NATIVE AMERICANS that have been conquered by SPAIN…and whatever mixed them, MOORS RULED SPAIN FOR SOME TIME..like I've always felt..Mexican's are racist..a lot of them are..he doesn't like his black heritage..much..read mrfrs!!!

  15. Whats the second song name?

  16. Bro you look like you are 40 % black and 60% white

  17. Is your mom Yucateca o Oaxaqueña? Show your native American traces please.

  18. A. T. says:

    speak for yourself i can pronounce those countries easily lol.

  19. Angyliv says:

    Los Balcanes no es Alemania. Están encima de Grecia.

  20. Angyliv says:

    Los portugués y españoles es lo mismo básicamente.Somos iberos y celtas ? . Muchos españoles tenemos adn italiano elevado. Además parte de Italia formó parte de la corona de Aragón. Saludos!

  21. Cree X says:

    Great mix my brother! Thanks for sharing.

  22. LiveLeak says:

    You should of wrote in the title you comparing different dna results this video would of blown up

  23. Lol “why I like rice” ?

  24. DNA.Land have me with these results: 66% African, 20% Euroasian, 13% Native American and 1.3 Oceania. My Paternal Grandfather was Mexican or Mexican American. 🙂

  25. You're Native American from Mexico. Cool!

  26. Your African side came from Veracruz area in Mexico

  27. Most Mexicans are MEstizos so not surprising your results

  28. Wolf Haley says:

    would you do 23andme?

  29. you look salvadorian, I got 70% native american, 18%Iberian peninsula, and the rest are low confidence regions but I look east Asian that's wierd

  30. Joe Flores says:

    Nice results…. great attitude and cool music…. right on

  31. Cool results. Check mine out on my channel. I got 19% African & 64% native American & 14% European.

  32. I don't know where I heard Balkan was German but it's not lol but thank you for bearing with me haha

  33. Was it worth the cost?

  34. The Iberian portion along w N. Africa and Europe south wud most likely be Spanish ancestry since ur Mexican. Nice results!

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