**Edit** Ancestry DNA can’t specifically locate my latino/hispanic culture because we are all mixed, whether we arrived from Spain, to Africa, the culture/community are indigenous and not apart of the “regions” listed on the test so it could be what are considered the african roots i have or even some of the “white” locations *****
I bought the ancestry dna test from this video is not sponsored I just really needed to know this information for my own personal gain. Enjoy!

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  1. King Femmo says:

    I like your beautiful nails.?

  2. I am so confused LOL so your step dad is Panamanian and your mother is black right .Or you biological father is is Central American. Maybe I missed it did you read the percentage of Native American .

  3. white trash TRoll losers

  4. Miko Akane says:

    I love how it said no connection next to “Ecuador, Peru, & Chile” and “Nicaragua & Costa Rica” and she still thought that was apart of her. ?????but I love her personality though ??????

  5. ? I love your video, you are so funny.

  6. You crazy, but you fine than a mutha.

  7. MegaAtoo says:

    the test says you're literally a "native american ".not a latina.why all that "latina" talk?

  8. Porch monkey . Do you miss the trees? Does it hurt when you bend over?

  9. I just noticed your reply to Radikaul. I just wanted to clarify, it said no connection because you do not have any Latin DNA. Even if you find a cousin that is related that happens to be part Latin, that Latin side will not be related to you. It will be the African, Asian, Europe and the other countries that were circled that had percentages for your DNA. That would be the connection related to you in the possible cousin. Please go back and read your results. I am just trying to help. No shade intended. You can keep loving the Latino culture but I hope you will accept the fact you are not genetically Latina. Don’t be the Latina Rachel Dolezal

  10. Great video and very entertaining, however I wanted to make you aware according to the results you showed us in the video, you are not Latino at all. You may love the culture but you are not Latina. The results said “No Connection” to the Latin countries. And in the video at the beginning you said yourself that the circle countries is where your DNA is from. South and Central America were not circled. I know this may be a disappointment. ,and perhaps at the time you did not realize it when you were filming. So please go back and review your results. I think you may have misread them because that is what you wanted to believe. I just sent my DNA test off today, when I get the results. I will be glad to share them with you. I too love the Latin culture but I don’t believe I am Latin. We will soon find out. Best of luck to you my Sista.

  11. MxTooReal says:

    45% black and 55% non black. It seems like your triracial tho asian, black, european

  12. MxTooReal says:

    Where is the percentages

  13. Reborn2h2o says:

    Upload your raw dna to gedmatch, you will mstch with other people from different companies

  14. You are so jokey you are making me laugh

  15. Native america and the European would be considered Mexican

  16. Dapper C says:

    I love this video so much! ??

  17. It said no connection

  18. Ghanaian claim you now dear eti sen? Meaning how are you

  19. If you go to your list of cousins.. There's a search bar up top and you can search by country, or by last name, and that's how I found my spanish family, I'm more Spanish than you but I couldn't find those family members on the dna matches, for probably the same reasons they didn't want to spend the money doing the test, but when I searched by country then they showed up.

  20. French Gal says:

    Iberian peninsula in Spanish also Ghana has Spanish ties and Europe South is Spanish as well mostly Italian Greek hey qween

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