Ancestry DNA Results! HOW?? (NATIVE AMERICAN)

Ancestry DNA Results! HOW?? (NATIVE AMERICAN)

My Ancestry DNA results show that i am many things (Native, Latino, Europe)! But just HOW???



  1. native and Jewish thats like a shiny pokemon, sweet results. by the way i thought that jewish and israeli is the samething isn't it?

  2. Sky Cloud says:

    Asian/Native American

  3. QTee says:

    Youre so adorable… ahhh, what a cute kid…. Well i got a high percentage of Mediterranean/Ottoman myself and that was unusual too.. but… it is apparently more common than not for people mixed with native American heritage… maybe there is some connection there… i think i may have some idea, but who the hell knows

  4. tonelow5 says:

    Hey bro I’m Azerbaijani too lmaoo

    I’m 8 percent of that and the rest of me is russian lmaoo

    U have a cool mix going on bro !!! Awesome videos

  5. I'm glad you kept the video to the point. I'm impressed that you can pronounce the names of many of those countries because adults who have posted results could not even pronounce them.

  6. Bill Y says:

    Thats cool!.. getting 14%Native American with not knowing (thats a good chunk)

  7. Jewish that's not race, but a religion, then, I'm part native American part Iberian part catolic.

  8. mostly the cheeks an jaw is probably native looks austroloid mongol

  9. There's no such thing as an isra*li lmao

  10. M.G K says:

    but you are handsome.. I want to have your face.

  11. Soto N says:

    Paraguay is a Latin American country mostly of Native Americans and Spanish so it's common sense man

  12. Dan Moreno says:

    Paraguay is in the Americas. So that is considered Native American

  13. But what type of fourteen percent Native American what tribe or tribes native America is a huge place.

  14. What ever he is he looks fine

  15. You have like…a double pair of eyebrows…wauw…

  16. Yasmine B says:

    what is european jewish??

  17. I knew you were one of us you look part American Indian

  18. Did you say Hawaiian, but your kin is from South America. If your folks are from South America are the Caribbeans like Puerto Rico Dominican Republic Cuba and Mexico you will have Native American in and I am shock you don't have more. I don't know maybe I am tripping but seem like you were not proud to have Native American blood. My results were mostly native american, middle eastern and African which I was very proud of. My dad is Mexican but obviously that is not a ethnicity it's a nationality. I am very proud of all 3 mix!

  19. Nice video. I think you look half Mexican half Jewish, so ur results makes sense

  20. I can see you have native ancestry on some of your features


  22. markmosk says:

    Don't forget 80% bluesteel

  23. markmosk says:

    That's totally fake news elio #sosad

  24. Poi Uu says:

    Another$5 Indian

  25. Poi Uu says:


  26. Melting pot of cultures! Whoa, look at you!

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