Ancestry DNA Results! (Ft. ash)

Ancestry DNA Results! (Ft. ash)

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  1. 51% British is extremely high.

  2. qh777 says:

    I got 41% Great Britain. I'm from the midwest U.S.

  3. The british are everywhere.Even puerto ricans are showing up with british dna.fantastic video.

  4. U are a Sotts Highland Warrior

  5. Abba look nothing like vikings

  6. But we all want to be Viking

  7. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing your results! I was so excited to
    hear your results! Yeah! 51% Great Britain! I'm still waiting on my
    results. They're processing and have been for over a week so probably
    any day now! I expect to have a decent percentage from Great Britain
    too. We'll see! How fun! Thanks again for sharing!

  8. Louise says:

    That's so cool! These DNA tests can be really surprising. I fell off my chair when I read I'm 43% Irish as we've been French (on paper) for ever 🙂 I get my "French" from the Vikings who invaded Normandie (North Men) some 1000 years ago.

  9. Someday I will do this test! I really want to know exactly where I am from.

  10. Stu Unwin says:

    Hi Ruzele; It always nice talking to a fellow Brit. On your visit back to your home country (aka The United Kingdom) did you enjoy the traditional foods, to name a few; my favourite fish and chips, bangers and mash, baked beans on toast and of course the good old Sunday Roast dinner with Yorkshire Pudding. I can't believe I almost forgot the most important meal of the day, the full English breakfast. haha.

    I think I can help you narrow down whether you come from the south or north of the UK, by answering the following food question. Do you prefer tomato source or brown source with your meals?
    Some would probably disagree with me, but if your prefer brown source e.g HP source your most likely from the south and if your enjoy the tomato source your from the north.
    It's typically considered anyone who lives below the city of Birmingham in England is southern and above is northern (Well this is what I understand to be the rule of thumb anyway).

    As I'm from the north the great county of Yorkshire I'm a tomato source person at heart, but I do occasionally have the brown source as well or sometimes both. Especially with the Full English Breakfast or your standard bacon butty. Lovely jubbly. Good show, all my best. Stu.

  11. I'm the same amount British as you??

  12. Tosh Time says:

    Shed 4 life shouted you out! Showing your page some love, subbie #1,794 and great vid:)

  13. Yorkie Bar says:

    This is so funny! I'm British born and bred but got only 13%??

  14. Lol….how cool. One day far far away I'll have to do this. This really is neat.

  15. Amy Ormsby says:

    How exciting! I have an immense fascination with England as well, and would find it cool to find I'm from there! <3

  16. John Smith says:

    Extremely British looking

  17. Becs says:

    What site did you use? Also, added you on Myfitnesspal.

  18. Fatover40 says:

    we could be related! hahah

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