Ancestry DNA Results for the Typical African-American | ESSENCE Live

Ancestry DNA Results for the Typical African-American | ESSENCE Live

Ever wonder how “Black” you really are? In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth, our Essence editors were live in-studio and about to find out their true ancestry.

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  1. A lot of Xhossa women have the name Yolanda. Yolanda should go to Eastern Cape South Africa. Probably she has a lot of distant cousins there. We'll slaughter a goat and perform a ritual to introduce her to her ancestors for protection and guidance.

  2. Ancestry and 23 give different results.

  3. Yolanda is from south africa she should do research on her family. Im from south africa from the bantu people in the xhosa nation even her name yolanda is a bantu xhosa name it means "go fetch"


  5. dumbass she empathized that irish blood in her was good why would you be happy that you ancestors was raped repeatedly to create you. i hope im 100 pecent african

  6. Am Cameroonian i find it fucked when i see Black Americans happy to get more white than black shitty pipo

  7. I am Nigerian, British, Irish, Spaniard and Portuguese. In other words, I am African and European

  8. Very interesting results. My results recently showed 100% European, even after my AncestryDNA update, however, i know i have some African DNA, yet it hasn't shown up via my DNA results. I will have to encourage my entire family to take their DNA test, so we can verify how far back our African ancestry is. I am curious to see, if our African ancestry shows up within another family members results. I'll give an update in due time.

  9. Sarah Bee says:

    so does this mean POC are going to learn about "white" history other than the umbrella history of whites kill and enslave? hopefully they get to learn about all the fun facts of migration, conquered land, and displacement of people.

  10. Disappointed the slave trade didnt happen the way they say so this is FRAUD

  11. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD !!!!!!! They match your dna with living peoples dna

  12. Jade Raé says:

    100% African?! I'm jealous than a mfer..

  13. MbunduDNA says:

    She is African , duhh wtf. How stupid is this. She carring on like she an AA.

  14. Toodie K says:

    I got my test through 23andMe and I am 38% Native American (Cherokee on my dad's side) 61% Euorpean (Irish, German, Dutch Slavic) and 1% Neanderthal! My Boyfriend wants his done now. We know he's Russian, Irish and Jewish. Can't wait to see his.

    I'm proud of my heritage! I love my beautiful White (Caucasian) Europeans roots! ❤??

    Noah's family landed on My Ararat on the Caucasus Mountains!! That's where my people came from. 🙂

  15. The lady who was connected to Benin/Togo and Nigeria in her DNA results should also bare in mind that Togo, Benin Republic, the South of Nigeria and a small part of Ghana used to come under a country then known as "The Kingdom of Dahomey". Benin city in Nigeria, was the capital of Dahomey. Shout out to all Da Homies, pardon the pun! ?

  16. Darzo says:

    Africans Americans aren't African they aborigines to America DNA test is a lie

  17. these Amerikans pretend they are Afrikans but they are mulattos. the real black people live in Afrika

  18. Ghana is not right next to Nigeria, Togo and Benin are in between the two. Also the genealogist, because I doubt if she’s a geneticist in her comment about the dna getting cut down didn’t explain it totally correct. Upon conception each child inherits a random 50 percent of each of their parents genetic compositions. In this random dispersal there is always a chance of something you may inherit none of, less of, or even more of. Ancestry DNA’s( explain this on several youtube videos they’ve broadcasted. This is why even if your full sibling took the test there will be some variation between your results.

  19. So many of you wanna be mix so bad. ????

  20. 100% African is so cool. Many African-American aspire to be 100% African, due to the fact that European ancestry reminds people of the ugly side of slavery where raping African slave-women by their European colonial masters took place on daily basis!!!!

  21. MbunduDNA says:

    So what is the big deal she is Africa not AA. She was born and raised in AFRICA! You guys were not listening to the program just focus on the results.

  22. It shows that blacks do not come in all shades. The light ones are mixed….and black woman is not mixed…and not light skin. So, mixed comes in all shades.

  23. Gunslinger says:

    I wanna take this test so bad. I have quite a few white relatives, and I wanna see just how much Caucasian blood is actually in me. I doubt it is much, but it will be interesting to see something new.

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