Ancestry DNA results Ashkenazi Jewish/Moluccan Pacific Islander

Ancestry DNA results Ashkenazi Jewish/Moluccan Pacific Islander

Hey y’all,this is my exact ancestral breakdown here:

North Africa 2 %

Asia 18 %

East Asian 17 %

South Asian 1 %

Europe 48 *=%

European Jewish 45 %

Iberian 1 %

Eastern European 1 %

Finland/Northwest Russia 1%

Pacific Islander 31 %

Melanesian 18 %

Polynesian 13 %;.

West Asian

Middle East 1%



  1. Felix Y says:

    Melanesian brother 🙂 I'm from Papua

  2. Crazy ancestry but very interesting all the same.

  3. Manis sekali. Shalom from Ambon, Moluccas 😉

  4. you look like marocoo at me

  5. hé look more arab like Adam Saleh

  6. you dont look ashkenazy jews but light skin arab

  7. he have light skin feature many arab moutain look you

  8. I am African American with almost 100% African at 94% African!

  9. Beta pung orang tua juga indonesia

  10. Have you been in Indonesia

  11. what is u'r mother last name ? (family name)

    i'm moluccan

  12. white people are not Jews

  13. you're American !!!!

  14. No offense but you don’t look anythang like a indonesian and or melanesian…..

  15. Khazars nevet converted to judaism and jews are not a race

  16. What is ur morther fam/clan?
    Me too,,, from moluccas… ceram island..
    Please tell me, ur mother clan..
    Thank u very much

  17. What is your Y chromosome and MTDNA?

  18. Alon Alian says:

    The north african,iberian and middle east came from your jewish side.

  19. Interestingly you have similar looks to my cousins and they are of Australian Aboriginal, Spanish, and Anglo Australian descent.

  20. ambonese. awesome man. me too. how to test?

  21. your jewish, but not Semitic jew or Israelite, ASHKENAZI jews were idole worshipers around king Bulan era, in eastern Europe, their white people that converted to the faith of Judaism, but not jewish by race or bloodline, 92% of all tge jews around the world are ASHKENAZI jews, not Semitic jews, only trure jews are Semitic and only 8% left, they are arab jews, Sephardic jews, Mazrahi jews, and the lost tripes mostly live in Afghanistan and 80% of the Israelites converted to Islam faith and the rest became Christians and some remain jews

  22. In my opinion you are a Pacific Transsylvanië Moluccan boy from a Melanesian Jewish mix ! We call "Bangsa" when we meet or see our people walking down the streets in Belanda we greeting each other with oi BANGSA..In Belanda are many mixed Dutch Moluccan people. My family is a mix of dutch some people in my family has bleu eyes and blond hair .typical dutch genetic . I even see the moluccan genetic no more hihi..But we are proud to be a moluccan thas why we call Bangsa.

    Greetings from a south east moluccan boy

  23. Yani A says:

    I'm from ambon, Maluku Indonesia, n yes your typical face n your eyes like my friends.

  24. Samus says:

    Very interesting background.So you are basically a Triracial in a sense (Caucasian,Melanesian,and Malayo-Polynesian)..

  25. Iloko says:

    Great results…the Melanesian is expected of course. I've also noticed that many SE-Asians also score on the Polynesian component which is probably due to the Austronesian aspect. I've even seen some Southern Chinese who've scored Polynesian on 🙂

  26. Sabina says:

    Great results! If you have Ashkenazi Jew in your DNA, you probably have also some Eastern European DNA. Am I right or no? You didn't tell your rest of your European percentages so I guess it. Anyway you have amazing and very interesting results 🙂

  27. L'Ephebe93 says:

    Did u know about the Ainu people in Japan? People thought they were partially Caucasoid but DNA showed they have Melanesian or Austronesian origin.

  28. L'Ephebe93 says:

    Cool! Romania itself has a very interesting History. Roman soldiers moved from the region around Albania to Dacia, then the Turkish Ottoman empire invaded, their language is Romance but the vocabulary has Turkish and Slavic influences. Some German peasants together with Ashkenazi Jews migrated to the area. The History of Ashkenazi Jews is also interesting and very complex. They first moved to Italy, then migrated from Central Europe to the East untill Russia, working in finance and commerce, mostly males taking European wives. That's why when Ashkenazi Jews take DNA tests, u see the Levantine/Semitic/Fertile Crescent markers on the paternal side and European matrilineal markers.
    I know East Asians whose DNA show Southeast and Melanesian markers. And historians and archeologists recently discovered that the cultivation of rice actually moved originally from Southeast Asia to East Asia, "the Extreme Orient".

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