Ancestry DNA Results – Adult Adoptee

Ancestry DNA Results – Adult Adoptee

56 years later I find out I’m…. Being an adoptee who has never known my ethnic background, this is the biggest suprise of my life!!!!
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  1. Wow what a wonderful mix, you look very European I would say English or Irish you could give casper a run for his money on the paleness of your skin.

  2. you might want to look into the Jewish refugees of selonika/thessaloniki in WW2 with that genetic add mixture, you might find some relatives. Good luck.

  3. Welcome to the family! ?

  4. Dea says:

    You need to look at Albanian. I had high Italian /Greek but once l started to dig deeper it turn out l am all Albanian not Greek or Italian though they are next of kin with each other.

  5. Cockertoo says:

    Before I heard your results I guessed Irish, you have Irish looking skin ,

  6. P C says:

    You aren’t Jewish less your mum was or you converted.
    I’m Jewish.

  7. ReviewCam says:

    Awesome results, and very happy they provided some answers about your heritage:) European Jewish makes sense. Many Jews fled from Spain during the Inquisition–some crossed the mountains to its nearest country, France, but also to Italy and Greece, and also North Africa (like Morocco).

  8. I'm adopted too….I'm soo happy for you  🙂  🙂

  9. Wow, you look more Irish to me, but that is quite a mix, really cool results. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thank you +Rhonda Grace, October 14th is my birthday, this year I will be 66, am an Orphan, I don't truly care where I come from, although you did make it exciting, what I am hoping for is to make a family connection, I would be happy to find 1 other, I am waiting for my results from 23andme also Ancestry, did you make any family connections?

  11. My DNA test arrived today. I am 63 and was adopted at birth. I am so scared I did this for myself and kids and grandkids but I know I wiil be a wreck when I finally see what I am for sure.

  12. Thank you for sharing your DNA reveal. It's very exciting. I have not yet done it. I'm being encouraged to do it, and I probably will. 🙂

  13. John Smith says:

    What lead you to expect some Mediterranean before the test

  14. Lion Heart says:

    also many Europeans especially Mediterranean Europeans show small traces of European Jewish as the Jews were a Mediterranean people so there is some shared genetic heritage, this could be from thousands of years ago, small percentages and trace regions are many times from thousands of years ago, being passed around in Europe, so it doesn't have to be from very recent. awesome results congratulations!

  15. Lion Heart says:

    one of your parents could have been Italian but with that high  middle eastern amount I'm guessing that one of your parents was greek. also I worked with some greeks and they kind of looked like you.

  16. I am also adopted and made a film – we have such a simular mix! x

  17. LKS Yoga says:

    Hi Friend! Love your voice! xoxox

  18. You had a great presentation! Congratulation! I’m happy for you.

  19. Can't watch, would like to but you hurt my ears… or rather your 50c microphone does.
    Muted you @ 1:30 to type this and my ears are still ringing.

  20. Tahnn Ju says:

    Wow I would have said 100% Irish

  21. You are very nice looking

  22. 4 – I think my 23andme results are more accurate but even they give me nearly 25% not-British & Irish.

  23. 3 – (Apologies for the formatting problems.) The high Irish score probably reflects my Highland Scots ancestry. Going by my contacts with DNA relatives and one or two other hints, it also reflects actual, distant Irish ancestry. My point, however, is that the 33% Western European does not seem to link to any actual ancestors in the past 500 or so years.

  24. 2 -I've tested with both Ancestry & 23andme and I've a fairly good idea who most of my ancestors were. So I would sound a few notes of caution. Both Ancestry & 23andme have, in my opinion, a lot of difficulty telling the various sorts of North Western Europeans apart. [I suspect it's not possible to do much better than 23andme or Ancestry does, because North Western Europeans all come from the same original gene pool & the pot has been stirred gently ever since then.] In my case, all my ancestors were from the British Isles, mostly Scotland. Ancestry gives me 48% Irish, 33% Western European & 9% British.

  25. That's great. Do your Ancestry results enable you to contact your DNA cousins? That is where you can really start to pin it all down.

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