102% AFRICAN!? | Jamaican’s AncestryDNA Results

102% AFRICAN!? | Jamaican’s AncestryDNA Results

MY RESULTS ARE IN!!!!!! I’m Beyond Happy With my Results (even though I lowkey knew what they would be) Are we from the same places? Are we lowkey related? Let me know where you’re from in the Comment Section!
– Onyx ?

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  1. If anyone has an issue with me being proud to have Majority AFRICAN dna and a very small percentage of European dna it's better you click off this video now. I will no longer address your negative comments. (Lol I'm too busy) you can comment if you want but do not expect a response. I stand by my actions and I will not apologize because you choose to be offended by somebody's celebration of their heritage. Direct your trigger fingers to a cause that actually matters. Again I stand by my actions.
    – Onyx. ?

  2. YvieT says:

    If you are 1% British and 1% Scandinavian etc: You are NOT 100% or 102% African as you put it. The title is very misleading.

  3. I'm 12% European…and I'm super dark lmao

  4. JT STAR says:

    Why would u be so happy to have no European ??

  5. Kweli Lott says:

    90 percent African… 40 percent Cameroon ?? also traced both my material and paternal lines back to the Bamileke of Cameroon

  6. mannyy18 says:

    Im 98% African. 2% percent European

  7. NikkiDope says:

    i got 88% african.

  8. pamdfos says:

    Congrats on that sis! I've seen some continental Africans with 98% so you did good 🙂

  9. i would like to knw where you get the DNA test done me come from yaaad jamaica

  10. Girl! When I read that 102% African I had to click. For an African in the diaspora to be 100% African chileeeeeeeeee! Lmao ya no Oprah has no white dna‼️‼️ Her and another AA. But 52% Ivory Coast/Ghana damn! I love it. But less than 1% …. might as well say 100% African. I’m so happy for you! That video at the end was hilarious‼️‼️ You funny so imma sub,

  11. Why are you so happy that you don't have any European DNA!!!!! Just asking. By the way 'NO ARAWAK or EAST INDIAN coolie?? Most black Caribbeans would die for that. I suppose I'm just surprised to find a black West Indian to have such a high level of AFRICAN DNA and be so happy about it.

  12. Kelli Kerr says:

    You’re hilarious with the patios commentary at the end. Good vibes only! Now I want to try this test

  13. Also I have the same headwrap at home ??❤


  15. I’m 92% on 23andme and 96% on other tests! Mostly Cameroonian and Nigerian ?

  16. Th3lite says:

    I'm hating, my results betta be the same.

  17. Girl you’re hilarious ?

  18. Ibro Fay says:

    Jollof if the people who live in in Senegal and Gambia and Mali and muritania and they speak wolof

  19. Allie S says:

    I am 99% European with just a little bit of Middle Eastern, but when I acted happy with the results, people online tried to shame me. I am what God made me, and I'm proud of that. Never let people make you ashamed of who you are; if they don't like it they can lump it!

  20. Congrats! The end was hilarious.

  21. Ms.Sophia says:

    Your funny ? love the video?

  22. You fine like Nigerian Jollof.

  23. I sooooo want to know about me and my daughter, I am of American born parents and of course black my daughter my husband was from St.vincent and the Granadine and his Mum is mixed with Indian and him Dad is mixed with black and white so as for my baby girl it would by something to see.

  24. Yes my sister I need that as well in my life and that last bit was funny

  25. Why you are so beautiful

  26. ?? love it…im only 66% African and I was mad as hell

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