1. do bla says:

    I got 74 France 26 Ireland my people didn't mix

  2. For he himself has said it,
    And it's greatly to his credit,
    That he is an Englishman!
    He remains an Eeeeen-gliiiiiish-maaaaan!!!

  3. Mike Hunt says:

    Calm down Spain isn’t that far away from England

  4. Same but I'm 0.1 percent Asian I'm still white as fuck norweagin.

  5. Buggalugs says:

    Have finaly just sent my raw data up to gedmatch will see what they show soon, ill do a follow up video when i can


  7. if , you are Irish you will have Iberian

  8. That's pretty cool results. It's a shame that your Aboriginal DNA didn't show up. Genetics is a game of luck. Perhaps on GED Match there may be traces of Aboriginal DNA. I have no Aboriginal DNA that I know of, unfortunately. Your Iberian DNA may come from your Celtic (Irish) ancestors as the Celts appeared to have come from the Middle East via Spain. When and if I do a DNA test, I am expecting to have a bit of exotic Pom also in my DNA perhaps…

  9. I'm really hesitant to share my husband's DNA results. It would make my followers upset, isn't that strange? He's 100% European. British, Irish, Norwegian, Scottish, Scandinavian, French or German, Slavic, polish. No Spanish, Iberian penninsula, Italy, or Greece. It's wild. He's fairly blonde and his skin is pink. But his eyes are hazel! Like his mother, who is 1/4 Slavic and 1/4 polish.

  10. Heil Pepe says:

    I’m 100% European, 3% European Jewish, 88% British, 2% French, 3% Scandinavian,3% Russian,1% polish

  11. wow 100 % white Bro you are one of the darkest white person I ever see

  12. rosafails says:

    I’m also 100 % percent European.
    98 % Finland/Northwest Russia
    1 % Scandinavia
    >1 % East Europe
    So I’m mostly Finnish.

  13. I got 100% European too. I'm super white.

  14. WALLOOP says:

    i'm 100% european too
    55% italian

  15. I'm from America (2nd gen) I'm also 100% European
    76% Scandinavian and 24% Welsh, my moms last name is actually Welsh which we thought was funny.

  16. The kkk wish they were you.

  17. So is it ok for me to Celebrate my White Heritage now? 100% European,

  18. Adam B says:

    100% boring as fuck.

  19. Cool results man. I could tell you were either part Spanish or Italian from your darker features. I did the test as well and i'm 100% European too. I'm more French than anything.

  20. Green Rose says:

    Great results. I'm also 100% European.

    34% Scandinavian
    22% Great Britain
    16% Irish
    10% Europe West
    9% Iberian Peninsula
    7% Italy/Greece
    2% Europe East

  21. I got 45% West Europe, 25% Ireland, 13% Scandinavia, 10% GB, 4% Iberian Peninsula, and 3% Italy/Greece

  22. Cnn Pnj says:

    find me a result of 100% great Britain. What if they form a group and conspire to go a genexit – only 100% gb population allowed. When you do the test you allow the government to access your dna and they will use it against you in the future. Hitler eugenics here we go ?

  23. Jason says:

    My wife got her DNA results today and she is mostly Western European, Irish and a wee bit of British. I'm interested in doing mine next.

  24. Yes, it sounds as if you have Cornish ancestry! Lots of Cornish miners migrated to Australia. If it interests you, you'd probably be able to confirm this by doing a family tree.

    Is it common for Australians to hear from family members that they have an Aborigine ancestor?

  25. Well that's as white as you can get xD

  26. Best results are always European.

  27. Tauryluck says:

    Wow your more British than I am and I'm from the UK! I got 53% British Isles descent on my ancestry DNA.?

  28. Allie S says:

    You have 3 forms of DNA. Ancestry only looks at your autosomal one. Next, you need to get your maternal and your Y-line DNA mapped. Then you need to upload all your DNA gedcom files to Gedmatch; this will tell you exactly what you are.

  29. Could be worth clicking on Melanesian to double check. Mine was 0-<1%

  30. ruth lee says:

    Lucky guy! Iberian migration up through Cornwall, Wales, Scotland.
    Hence, your dark features: hair, eyes. Cornwall best place in England!

  31. The iberian could be just shared ancestry or from actually ancient migration. Mind that some scientifics support the theory that the Atlantic coast of Europe was repopulated by Iberian tribes after the last Ice Age in the Paleolithic period.

  32. Stefanie W says:

    Nice video! Funny guy!

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